Kahoot Review: What is Kahoot?

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What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a tool for students to answer questions. Teachers can make quizzes and presentations with quizzes in them. They can make their own quizzes or use quizzes made by others.

Quizzes can be done live or on your own. In live quizzes, questions are shown on a screen and students answer using a device connected to the internet. 


Questions can have pictures and videos. Teachers using Kahoot can pick Classic or Team mode. In Team mode, students work together in groups and compete with other teams. Challenges can be done at different times, but students still get points for quick answers and compete with classmates.

The leaderboard shows up after everyone answers. Playing Kahoot doesn’t need student accounts, just a game PIN and a name for each player.

You can make quizzes with a free account. The quizzes can have multiple choice or true/false questions. You can change the time and points for each question. Premium accounts offer extra features, like multi-select options for quizzes.

  • A simple method to make assessments fun. 
  • Always changing with new things.
  • Keeping track of how each person is doing is hard. 
  • Quizzes made by users might not be good or could be wrong.

How Can I Teach With Kahoot?

Teachers often use Kahoot to check if students understand lessons or before they leave. You can make a Kahoot Friday for a quick review. If you can’t make quizzes, find some already made on Kahoot. Kahoot can do more than just facts; it can ask about situations and spark discussions.

Put slides in between questions to add more info in Kahoot Quiz templates help make quizzes that teach more than just quick remembering. Make a bunch of quizzes and give them to students. It’s good for studying alone and learning from far away.

Remember to focus on improving your skills. Use the Team mode to ask teaching questions and encourage discussions with colleagues. Use Kahoot to start the school year or connect with other learners.

How Good Kahoot Is For Learning?

Teachers can use Kahoot to add slides, videos, polls, and surveys for a better learning time. They can ask questions that don’t give points to know opinions or have questions with many right answers to make students think.

Premium stuff like open answers, puzzles, and brainstorming questions are good for checking what students know and starting talks. This shows that Kahoot has become more flexible.


It’s now easier to suggest for quizzes. Kahoot Academy and its partners show good examples of what you can make. But, content made by users can vary a lot and sometimes be not suitable.

Information from every game is stored and can be seen online, sent to Google Drive, or downloaded. The reports give quick feedback but are limited because of how students log in.

It would take a lot of time for teachers to study students’ progress or problems with Kahoot Quizzes.

Engagement★★★★☆Fast speed, exciting music, and immediate scores make the game fun and keep players interested. Students will want to play again, and some will enjoy making their own Kahoot quizzes.
Easy To Use★★★☆☆Students get quick feedback on their devices and the class screen. They can study at their own pace and take quizzes whenever they want.
Support★★☆☆☆Templates and videos simplify starting out. Different game styles and play choices let teachers customize for their students.