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How To Change Username In LOL?

First, make sure you’re using the correct method to change your name in LoL. To avoid any problems, follow these steps for changing your name.

Step 1: Log in to your account.

To start changing your summoner name, log in to your League of Legends account. Open the League of Legends client on your computer, and enter your username and password to access your account management options.

Step 2: Go to the In-Game Store.

Upon launching League of Legends, the client interface will present you with a central hub. Locate the designated “Store” section, typically denoted by a shopping cart icon or similar visual cue. This section grants access to the in-game marketplace for various purchasable content.

Step 3: Go to the “Account” section.

In the store, you’ll see a menu on the left with categories like “Featured,” “Champions,” and “Skins.” Click on “Account” to access options for your account, including changing your summoner name. This will show a list of available account-related services and changes.

Step 4: Start the Summoner Name Change.

In the “Account” section, locate the “Summoner Name Change” feature. Click on it to begin changing your summoner name. Remember, using this feature requires spending around 1300 RP, which is the in-game currency bought with real money.

Step 5: Choose Your New Summoner Name.

Once you start the summoner name change process, you’ll be asked to pick a new summoner name. 

This is your chance to be creative or select something that reflects you better. Just remember, your new name must follow Riot Games’ naming rules, which forbid offensive, inappropriate, or misleading names.

Step 6: Confirm Your Selection.

After choosing a new summoner name that follows the guidelines, confirm your selection. You’ll likely need to confirm your purchase and ensure you have enough RP in your account to cover the cost. Once confirmed, your new summoner name will be applied to your account.

Reasons You Can’t Change Your Name

Did you try the steps above but couldn’t change your name in League of Legends? Then, one of these reasons might be causing the problem.

Not enough RP (Riot Points)

To change your summoner name, you need to use Riot Points (RP), which are bought with real money. If you don’t have enough RP in your account, you can’t change your name. The cost varies by region, so check your RP balance first. 

If you don’t have enough RP, buy more from the in-game store to proceed with the name change.

Name Change Waiting Period

Riot Games added a waiting period between summoner name changes to stop frequent changes. Typically, this period lasts for 30 days. 

If you’ve recently changed your name or did so in the last month, you must wait until this cooldown ends to change it again. Keep track of your last name change to know when you can request a new one.

Name Not Available

The name you want must be unique in League of Legends. If someone else is already using it, you can’t choose it to prevent confusion and impersonation. To fix this, think of other names that aren’t in use. The League of Legends client will tell you if a name is already taken.

Breaking Naming Rules

Riot Games created clear naming rules for a friendly gaming atmosphere. These rules forbid offensive, inappropriate, or misleading summoner names. 

If you try to use a name that breaks these rules, the system won’t accept it. You’ll have to pick a different, more appropriate name. 

It’s crucial to follow these guidelines to support a positive gaming community and prevent any penalties on your account.

Technical Problems or Glitches

Sometimes, players may face technical problems or bugs in the League of Legends client that stop them from changing their summoner names. These issues might include payment troubles or glitches in the name change feature. 

If you can’t change your name because of such problems, contact Riot Games’ customer support. They can look into the issue and fix it, so you can change your name later. Giving them clear information about the problem will help them help you better.

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About LOL

League of Legends (LoL), a prominent multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title developed and published by Riot Games in 2009, boasts a thriving player base. Players command powerful champions with unique abilities, engaging in strategic team-based battles against opponents or AI.

The game is renowned for its fast-paced gameplay, intricate mechanics, and ever-expanding roster of champions, each offering a distinct playstyle and role on the battlefield. 

Matches take place on various maps, with the primary game mode revolving around destroying the opposing team’s base while defending one’s own.

League of Legends isn’t just popular for fun gameplay – it also thrives on esports. With pro leagues and tournaments around the world, it draws millions of viewers and big prize money for top players.

Moreover, Riot Games regularly updates the game with new content, including champions, skins, and gameplay adjustments, ensuring that the experience remains fresh and engaging for players.

With its thriving community, competitive gameplay, and constant evolution, League of Legends continues to shape the landscape of online gaming and remains a cornerstone of the esports industry.