Madden 23 Update Lost Player Data

A recent Madden 23 update lost player data and caused some glitches. Players lost several months of Connected Franchise Mode backups.

During the recent holiday break, Madden 23’s live service component sparked anger from fans. The summer release of the game had already shown issues with the core gameplay. But, as monetization increased, so too did complaints about its live services.

On Christmas Day, the latest blaze began. Over the month prior, players had been gifted yearly Zero Chill presents that included unique players and packs, however, they could not be accessed until the 25th of December.

Numerous individuals even spent fifty dollars on bundles with the expectation of acquiring highly rated players to compete in EA’s profitable Madden Ultimate Team mode. Then came the bugs, exploits, and updates.

Madden 23 Update Lost Player Data

Certain presents were supposed to feature Tom Brady and Harold Carmichael; these two were indeed included. Unfortunately, many of the presents were incorrectly labeled, displaying photos or names from other Packs rather than Zero Chill ones.

EA decided to fix this by releasing an update that changed present contents, leaving some players shorn of higher ranking cards but giving others an exorbitant amount of packs – what a few YouTubers deemed as the most massive glitch in MUT history.

Another update was launched on Christmas day’s end; some players had gotten their due while the rest still waited for replacement presents by the time everything had quieted down.

The Madden 23 Update Lost Connected Franchise Mode Data

The Madden 23 Update Lost Connected Franchise Mode Data

The most dreadful incident was when people lost their Connected Franchise Mode data after attempting to log in during the server downtime between December 28 and it is uncertain how many individuals in total will be impacted.

Recently on the Madden Subreddit, posts with blue error screens of death and the question “Anyone ever got this screen?” have circulated. One user commented: “How do we tell the poor lad?”. Other questions that were seen floating around included: Malfunctioning in-game holiday presents? Locked gaming modes? Wiped series saves? Inadequate communication?

When Franchise mode became available again, the company implied that everything would return to normal. Three days later it notified customers that about 60 percent of those affected had lost their information irrecoverably.

On Tuesday, EA failed to satisfy their fans when they canceled the Good Morning Madden Twitch drop stream and tweeted about Present Packs + Players being unable to access MUT, but didn’t mention the corrupted data issue. This story is still unfolding with a Madden 23 update posted on the EA forum.