Mario Kart 8 Update Wave File – A Deluxe 2 Upgrade!

Find and install the latest Mario Kart 8 update. Use the wave file and experience a deluxe upgrade with new tracks and fun in 2 and 3!

You might have already seen the third wave of the Mario Kart 8 deluxe booster course pass has been released for Nintendo Switch.

This latest version adds two cups, an eight-course challenge, and several general improvements and bug-fixing. A highlight includes a new “Custom items” option. In addition, lightning will no longer slow down gliders.

Mario Kart 8 Update Wave File

Here is the complete list of changes in the Super Mario Kart 8 Update:

  • In addition, it now supports paying for DLC: Mario Kart 8 – Booster Course Pack, Wave 2 (eight cups and 16 courses), and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Boosters Course Pass, Wave 3.
  • You can now choose which items show up by adding “custom items” to each game’s rules. This works in VS Race, Balloon Battel, Coin Runner, Shine Thief, Renegades Round-Up, Playing With Friend, Tournament, and Wireless.
  • Items that haven’t been added to any rules may still be shown depending on the network environment and game conditions.
  • You can choose whether certain things appear when browsing the feed.
  • You can play these games even if there isn’t an internet connection available.
  • Suppose items haven’t been set to show up. In that case, they may still be displayed according to the connection environment (e.g., if there isn’t an internet connection) and the gaming situation (e.g., when playing offline).
  • If you get hit by lightning while flying through the sky, the plane won’t close anymore.
  • After a spin or crash, the invincibility time varies from rider to rider and even bike to bike.
  • If users cannot access their newly downloaded data, they can now remove all the data they previously downloaded.
  • Deleted “Recommended” in Tournaments.
  • They fixed an issue where players could not add their own Crazy Eight coin if another player’s Crazy Eight coin touched them.
  • Fixed an error where there was a communication problem when using the item Boo
  • Fixed an issue where hitting multiple opponents with the Super Horn at once wouldn’t result in any damage.
  • They fixed an error where images in Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mario Circuit 3 looked distorted.
  • They fixed an error where players couldn’t acquire multiple items in a single purchase in GBA Snow Land mode.
  • They fixed an issue where members would not receive points for watching an online match if they were already in the player’s friend’s friends section.
  • They fixed an issue where the COM characters displayed on the team select screens did not match what was played during gameplay.
  • They fixed an issue where no sound would play when a Red Shell or a Spiny Shell came from behind.
  • Changes and improvements were made to the gameplay so players would enjoy playing it.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe continues to get bigger, and Wave 3 for the booster course pass has just been released. With each new DLC pack, two new cups have been added to the mix — the rock cup and the moon cup. Unfortunately, each one has four old cups back in its lineup.

Alongside Wave 3’s release, Nintendo has announced another free update coming out today, bringing Custom Item support for some of its multiplayer modes. It’s available to everyone without additional cost, but you have to own the game to use it.

They are adding a new feature to VS Racing called “Blue Shells,” which allows players to race without using any vehicles.

the Super Mario Kart 8 Update

New Courses Overview

With 24 new courses out of the box, the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe booster pack continues to deliver great content. While not every track is a masterpiece, they offer enough variety to keep things interesting. Some feel similar to previous course packs, while others feel fresh and innovative.

Some courses also feature cool visual effects and audio cues, such as the moving clouds and raindrops that make up the Mushroom Gorge race. And if you want to go big, you can unlock the full game version of each cup with the Deluxe Pass.

In addition to the above courses, the new version includes Berlin Byways, Peach Garden, Merry Mountain, and Rainbow Road. Each of these courses is a certified banger, with Berlin Byways being a significant upgrade over the London Loop with lots of variety and lovely views.

Merry Mountain from Tour is a delightful course with plenty of fun and excitement, and it’s a great place to start your holiday season. Rainbow Road from Tour is another fantastic choice, offering a strong sense of vertical challenge and beautiful scenery.

Many people were saying that Maple Treeway would be the next big thing for Wave 3 before its release, but the 3DS version of ‘Rainbow Road’ is undeniably the best track in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Combining a beautiful layout with absolutely stunning graphics, this is one of the strongest tracks available in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, period. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the game, Rainbow Road offers so much fun that it’s worth giving it a go.

Apart from London Loop, the main issue we had with Wave 3 was the consistency of the visuals. While some tracks looked stunning, others were just plain ugly. However, despite these issues, the overall quality of the tracklist has improved significantly compared to its predecessor.

With the Mario Kart 8 update Deluxe Booster Courses Wave 3, the tracks on offer are primarily stellar. Furthermore, adding customizable items for ‘VS Race’ mode online and offline makes this an even better package!