Super Mario Movie 3D

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Mario Movie 3D

Update: I watched The Super Mario Bros. Movie in five different theaters in the US. Here is my review of IMAX, 3D, 4DX, and Dolby. I will tell you where to get the best picture and sound experience.

I didn’t want to give you a regular review of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. I watched the film five times – in 3D, 4DX, IMAX, Dolby Digital, and 2D – to compare the latest cinema technologies.

Yes, the Mario movie is 92 minutes long. I spent 460 minutes and $150 watching it at different AMC and Regal theaters around New York City.

I guess I helped Nintendo make $377 million from The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which had a $100 million budget. By the end of its first week, the movie might reach $400 million, four times its budget.

I tested all formats to find the best way to watch it. Good news: there is a clear winner.

Did The Super Mario Bros. Movie Live Up to Expectations?

I really liked it all five times. I agree with the audience score more than the critics (more on this for paid subscribers). You might think watching the movie multiple times in two days would be terrible. Well, while I don’t suggest it, The Super Mario Bros.

Movie is only 92 minutes long. It’s short and enjoyable. I found new Nintendo-themed Easter eggs until my third viewing. After that, I could recite all the lines.

Each theater gave a different experience. IMAX had the biggest screen (and the biggest crowd), Dolby had the best picture and sound, and 4DX kept me alert with moving seats and sensory effects. By the time I finished, the 3D and standard versions felt a bit repetitive.

Still, most of the audience loved it every time, and that’s why its $377 million opening weekend beat Disney’s Frozen 2.

From my five times watching the movie, I noticed that kids loved Mario, Peach, Luigi, Toad, Bowser, and especially Donkey Kong.

They enjoyed it even without years of knowing Nintendo’s characters like we do. There are many fun classic video game references, but I won’t spoil them. Just don’t expect this movie to be the best thing you ever see. Some adults have felt disappointed.

Super Mario Bros. 3D Adventure

3D makes layers like Bowser’s snout stand out. Kids will enjoy it even with the minimal 3D effects. Bowser’s snout and fire breath really pop off the screen for a moment. However, 3D isn’t a game-changer for this movie. Each layer looked a bit more 3D than 2D with the plastic Real D 3D glasses I got at Regal Union Square in NYC. I spent $27.30 on the movie ticket.

Kids will enjoy watching The Super Mario Bros. Movie in 3D. However, parents who remember old 3D movies from Disney parks may be disappointed. I watched the 4DX version with the same 3D experience, and seeing it again in 3D felt like using a broken 4DX chair. The Super Mario Bros. Movie in 3D isn’t as good as the 4DX version, which costs $3 to $5 more per ticket if available.

I wouldn’t pay extra for the 3D version, but kids might still find it fun. They thought it was “cool.” Adults noticed that only a few scenes really stand out, and the action felt slightly layered. My ticket cost $27.30, including a $1.80 booking fee.

Mario Movie 3D

3D or Not: What to Expect from the Mario Movie

Yes, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is in 3D at most major theaters in the United States. My research shows that there are also IMAX 3D showings, which offer a larger screen, but they cost more. There’s confusion because the 3D version hasn’t been well-promoted, so I’m clarifying this in my review.

Illumination, the studio behind the film, made it with 3D in mind. The 3D effects are not amazing, except in a few scenes. However, the front characters appear to pop off the screen a bit, while background characters seem further away.

If you choose to watch the Mario movie in 3D, you’ll need 3D glasses. It will look blurry without them, so they are not optional.

Kids enjoyed the Mario movie in 3D, but the 2D version from Dolby was even better.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie in IMAX

This was my first time watching The Super Mario Bros. Movie, right at 12:01 am on April 5. The screen was the biggest, and so was the price. Why? Because the real IMAX screen at New York City’s AMC Lincoln Square 13 theater made it easy to see small details. For my review, I chose the largest theater in the United States, not a retrofitted IMAX Experience theater.

Here’s why IMAX is a good choice: Mario’s red cap looked more textured on the eight-story-tall IMAX screen than in 3D or standard 2D formats. Dolby Cinema also did well with this detail. The IMAX screen size is impressive – 100 feet wide, or about 1/3 of a football field without the end zones.