Math Playground Review: What is Math Playground?

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What is Math Playground?

Math Playground offers a lot of math games, activities, and videos covering topics like arithmetic, geometry, percentages, word problems, algebra, graphing, logic, and more. Some games are from Arcademics.

math playground

Teachers can also find worksheets online or to print.You can search for games by topic and grade, or check them all under the All Games tab. Each game has a section showing its connection to Common Core.

The free version has ads that might look like part of the content. Subscribing gives you more games, full-screen mode, saving favorites, and classroom tools. Paying means no ads on the site.

  • Lots of games, word problems and teaching videos to interact with.
  • Some games aren’t for learning
  • Interruptive ads
  • Progress isn’t saved
  • Games don’t change.

How Can I Teach With Math Playground?

Math Playground is a website with lots of games. There’s no system to manage games or track student progress. Teachers have to find games that match what they’re teaching.

Google Classroom users can easily send games there. Teachers need to watch students because there’s no way to block certain games.

Teachers can discover useful games through exploration, but many ads, low-quality games, and non-educational ones can be distracting. During the review, ads for Nerf guns and Lego sets were seen.

Some ads look like grade level buttons, but they lead to different sites. This could confuse children and teachers.

Lots of games kids like aren’t educational, like racing or Mario. Some games are too hard for the age they’re for, like one in kindergarten about telling time.

But teachers can find games to help with class skills. Some games let students play with classmates or others online. But players can’t interact outside the game.

Teachers have more than just games to use, like worksheets makers and videos. The videos are usually step-by-step, similar to Khan Academy. They can be useful as reminders, but they might not teach like teachers do.

In some games, students get simple feedback about right or wrong answers. But once they finish playing, that feedback is gone. Math Playground lacks modern features like a dashboard, so it’s behind in educational tech trends.

math playground

How Good Math Playground Is For Learning?

It’s good to have lots of free stuff, but at Math Playground, you need to pick carefully to find what’s best for your students.

They’ve got games like Pac-Man and Tetris with a math twist,  while other games make you think hard. There are also worksheets, drills, and videos to teach different math ideas.

Different games have different levels of teaching. Some games just have simple activities and repetitive exercises. Some games might confuse kids because they don’t explain how to play. Kids can only learn by trying and making mistakes.

They can see how well they’re doing in each game, but not overall. Many teachers need free resources, and Math Playground has good stuff. But it’s better if teachers pick the best activities to avoid wasting time.

Engagement★★★☆☆Playing games, doing activities, and watching videos can teach math. But kids could get distracted by pop-ups, ads, and games that aren’t about learning.
Easy To Use★★★☆☆Some games are practical but you can’t track progress. When you finish playing, your scores disappear.
Support★★★★☆Many games help students learn how to play, but some don’t give much help. Teachers need to decide how to use Math Playground in their lessons.