New PSP Release Date: Rumors & Leaks 

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New PSP Release Date

Currently, there is interest and rumor that Sony might be developing a new PSP to follow in the footsteps of PS Vita.

This comes from hardware insider Moore’s Law is Dead (MLiD), who suggests Sony is making a new handheld gaming device that plays games directly, unlike the streaming-only PlayStation Portal. Below is the latest news about the new PSP release date.

The new PSP device may run on a custom AMD APU, just like the Steam Deck and Lenovo Legion Go. It will have the ability to play the latest games

Several games might get an update to improve graphics and performance to the level of PS5 games. How this update would actually happen is still unknown.

MLiD also mentions that the new PSP is currently in the advanced planning stages. However, it’s not expected to be ready for at least two years, and Sony hasn’t officially approved its release yet..

Just like with any internal procedures, there’s a chance the new PSP device may never be released or could undergo significant changes in the future. MLiD mentions that the specific details about the gadget are currently based on speculation.

Considering how popular Sony’s PlayStation Portal remains — continuously sold out despite being a $199 device that only allows streaming of PS5 games via Remote Play — a new PlayStation handheld that plays games directly would likely be very popular among fans.

The success of handheld gaming devices shows a renewed interest in handheld gaming, which had initially declined when smartphones became dominant.

It’s uncertain if Sony can compete with Nintendo in the portable gaming market, but if they want to succeed with the new PSP, they’ll need better support than they gave its predecessors.

New PSP Release Date: When Might Sony Launch It?

There’s no guarantee Sony will release the new PSP as plans can change internally. However, if it does happen, the PSP isn’t expected for at least two more years. This timeframe would pit it against the Switch 2, which is now aiming for an early 2025 release, and possibly a new Steam Deck from Valve.

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Additionally, we anticipate more portable PCs entering the market soon, such as the MSI Claw. Updates to competitor handheld devices like the Asus ROG Ally are also likely. This means Sony’s next handheld won’t just be competing against Nintendo but also against a growing field of portable gaming options.

What to Expect About the New PSP Price

If Sony decides to bring back the handheld market with a PSP 2, it will likely be priced higher than the PS Vita. When it launched in 2011, the PS Vita retails at $249.99 for the Wi-Fi only model and $299.99 for the Wi-Fi and 3G model. In contrast, the $199 PlayStation Portal is a streaming-only device for Remote Play.

Considering this, a new handheld that plays PS4-level quality games would need to cost more than $199, making it challenging to price competitively in today’s market.

Consider Nintendo’s pricing strategy as well. The Nintendo Switch debuted at $299.99 in 2017, and the rumored cost for the Switch 2 is around $400.

If Sony plans to introduce a handheld more powerful than the Switch 2 and capable of competing with devices like the Steam Deck, priced at $399 for the base model, it will likely be more expensive.

Thus, the PSP 2 could range from $300 to $500. Sony has a history of pricing its products high, as seen with the PSVR 2 at $549 and the DualSense Edge at $199. Expect a premium device with top-notch performance.

New PSP Specs: What To Expect

While the PS Vita fell short of delivering PS3-like visuals as promised by Sony, it came close. However, newer handhelds like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck have surpassed what Sony achieved with its last portable console. If Sony releases a new PSP, we can anticipate significantly better graphics.

Sony aims to achieve a PS4-level graphics for PSP games, and there are rumors stating that some PS games could receive a “pro”-like update to improve performance.

An insider who correctly predicted PlayStation games coming to PC long before it happened claims the PSP will be capable of running PS4 games, but retailers are still uncertain about Sony’s plans.

Let’s hope Sony decides against using a special memory card for the new PSP. Both the PlayStation Portal and Vita forced users to buy special memory cards, driving up the cost of an already pricey handheld device.