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How To Change Username In Palworld?

In the Steam version of Palworld, you can change your player name only during character creation. When you start a new game, you will be asked to enter a name. You can change this name anytime during character creation by selecting ‘Edit’.

After you leave the character creator, you cannot change your player name. Be sure you like the 

name you choose!

Currently, you cannot edit your character after leaving the initial character creator. A note in the character creator says a ‘character re-edit feature is planned for a future update.’ Hopefully, this will include the option to change your name.

As of now, you cannot name or rename your character in the Xbox version of Palworld.

How to rename Pals in Palworld?

In the Steam version of Palworld, you can rename your Pals anytime. Unlike your player name, you can change Pal names as often as you want.

To rename a Pal, view their details in the Pal Box or when they’re in your party. In the top-left corner where the Pal’s name is, you’ll see an ‘Edit’ button.

Click ‘Edit’ to open a window where you can type a new name for your Pal. Remember to click ‘Confirm’ when you’re finished!

Remember, you cannot change your Pals’ names in the Xbox version of Palworld at this time.

Can you change player or Pal names on Xbox in Palworld?

If you haven’t noticed, you can’t change your player name or Pal names in the Xbox version of Palworld currently. But you can name your world, at least.

If you’re playing on Xbox, you have to stick with the default name ‘Player-Whatever-Number-You’re-Given’ for your character. Your Pals will also keep their species name; for instance, every Lamball you catch will remain named Lamball.

Not being able to name your character is a minor inconvenience, but not naming your Pals is a bigger issue. It makes it difficult to distinguish between them, especially when deciding which ones to assign to your base or party. 

We suggest keeping a close watch on your Pal Box in the Xbox version of Palworld to keep track of your Pals.

As of now, it’s uncertain if naming yourself or your Pals will be added to the Xbox version of Palworld. However, we can hope that the upcoming character creation update will include this feature for Xbox players.


About Palworld

Palworld is an imaginative sandbox game that blends elements of creature collecting, base-building, and survival. Developed by Pocketpair, it offers players a vibrant and dynamic world where they can embark on adventures with their loyal companions known as Pals. 

In Palworld, players can explore diverse environments teeming with unique creatures, known as Pals, which they can catch, train, and befriend. These Pals aren’t just pets; they’re integral to gameplay, aiding players in tasks such as farming, construction, and combat.

The game features robust base-building mechanics, allowing players to construct and customize their own bases to serve as a safe haven against the dangers of the wild. 

With a variety of structures and tools at their disposal, players can create elaborate fortresses or cozy retreats, depending on their play style.

Palworld also incorporates survival elements, challenging players to manage resources, fend off hostile creatures, and adapt to ever-changing environmental conditions. 

From taming wild Pals to defending their base from enemy attacks, players must utilize strategy and creativity to thrive in this dynamic world.

With its charming art style, immersive gameplay, and endless possibilities for adventure, Palworld offers an engaging gaming experience for players looking to explore, build, and bond with their fantastical companions.