Pixel Speedrun Unblocked – How to Play Free Games in 2023?

Pixel speedrun unblocked games have become a mainstay for many gamers looking to enjoy quick and accessible fun without the hassle of downloads or payments.

As a special niche of gaming, Pixel Speedrun Unblocked allows players to immerse themselves in the challenge of beating games as swiftly as possible, featuring the beloved 2D platformer, “Pixel,” which debuted in 2015.

This guide is dedicated to helping you understand how to bypass restrictions and enjoy these games freely, whether at school or work.

Pixel Speedrun Unblocked - How to Play Free Games in 2023

How To Unblock Pixel Speedrun?


  • Choose a reliable VPN service and sign up for an account.
  • Download the VPN software for your device.
  • Install and launch the VPN application.
  • Connect to a server location where the game is not blocked.
  • Once connected, open your web browser and navigate to the pixel speedrun unblocked game.
  • Enjoy playing the game with the VPN running in the background.


  • Find a reputable proxy website online.
  • Enter the URL of the pixel speedrun unblocked game into the proxy site’s search bar.
  • Click on the ‘Go’ or ‘Browse’ button on the proxy site.
  • Wait for the proxy to redirect you to the game.
  • Start playing once the game loads.



  • Open the Google Chrome browser on your device.
  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for a VPN extension.
  • Add a trusted VPN extension to Chrome.
  • Connect to a server through the VPN extension.
  • Visit the pixel speedrun unblocked game’s website and begin playing.

Cloud Gaming Service

  • Select a cloud gaming service that supports browser games.
  • Create an account with the cloud gaming service.
  • Log in to your account on their platform.
  • Search for the pixel speedrun unblocked game within their service.
  • Start the game and play it streamed from the cloud service.

Cloud Gaming Service

How to Play pixel speedrun unblocked At School or Work?

Playing pixel speedrun unblocked at school or work involves circumventing restrictions that might be placed on gaming websites. To do this, you can employ one of the methods mentioned above like using a VPN, proxy, or Chrome extensions that can hide your traffic and allow you to access games discreetly.

Additionally, some cloud gaming services may not be restricted, and as they require no downloads, they are often less likely to be blocked by network administrators. It’s essential to be mindful of the network policies at your school or workplace while using these methods.

Pros & Cons Of pixel speedrun unblocked

The advantages of pixel speedrun unblocked include the ease of access, no need for downloads or installations, and it’s often free, making it an excellent option for casual gaming during breaks.

However, the disadvantages may include potential security risks when using proxies or free VPNs, the possibility of violating school or work policies, and sometimes a lower-quality gaming experience due to streaming or using cloud services. It’s important to weigh these pros and cons before deciding to play these games, especially in restricted environments.

Pros & Cons Of pixel speedrun unblocked

pixel speedrun unblocked- Tips & Tricks

When it comes to mastering pixel speedrun unblocked games, it’s all about practice and learning the game mechanics. Tips include studying the levels, practicing jumps and movements, and learning from mistakes.

Moreover, using wired internet connections can reduce latency, and ensuring your device is free from unnecessary background processes can improve game performance. Familiarizing yourself with shortcuts and hidden paths in the game can also give you an edge in speedrunning.

Games Similar To Pixel Speedrun

If you enjoy pixel speedrun unblocked, you might also like similar games such as:

  • Super Meat Boy
  • Celeste
  • The Impossible Game
  • Geometry Dash

These games challenge your reflexes and speed, providing a comparable rush. They also offer unique graphics and gameplay mechanics, making them interesting alternatives or complements to pixel speedrun unblocked.

Games Similar To Pixel Speedrun


Pixel speedrun unblocked games offer a thrilling challenge for those looking to test their speed and reflexes.

Whether you’re looking to play at school or work, it’s important to use safe and reliable methods to access these games. With the right approach, you can enjoy countless hours of free gaming fun.


Is pixel speedrun unblocked Safe?

Yes, playing pixel speedrun unblocked is generally safe as long as you access the games through reputable sources and take the necessary precautions, such as using a secure VPN.

Is pixel speedrun unblocked Legal?

Playing unblocked games is legal; however, bypassing network restrictions set by your school or workplace may go against their policies. Always ensure you’re not violating any rules.

Best VPN for pixel speedrun unblocked?

The best VPN for playing unblocked games would be one that provides stable connections, has a no-logs policy, and offers a range of server locations. Services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN are popular choices among gamers.

Can you play Pixel Speedrun unblocked on a school Chromebook?

Yes, you can play Pixel Speedrun unblocked on a school Chromebook using a VPN extension from the Chrome Web Store or through cloud gaming services that are compatible with the Chrome OS.

Is pixel speedrun unblocked available offline?

No, pixel speedrun unblocked is not available offline as it is typically hosted on online platforms that require an internet connection to access.