Playable Ghouls Are Coming To Fallout 76

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Playable Ghouls Are Coming To Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is set to receive a radiation-soaked revamp in early 2025! Players will finally have the long-awaited option to become Ghouls, adding a whole new dimension to their wasteland adventures. 

This exciting update promises to fundamentally change how you interact with the irradiated world, offering unique gameplay opportunities and challenges for seasoned Vault Dwellers and newcomers alike.

Fallout 76 is getting a gruesomely good update in early 2025! The highly-requested Ghoul character option will be free and unlockable through a new questline at level 50. 

While your looks might take a hit (and some factions might be less trusting), Ghouls will gain a unique edge in the wasteland. Get ready to turn the tables on radiation poisoning!

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Including fully customizable Ghouls, with the option to modify appearance and select from a wide array of new Ghoul-specific perk cards, represents a significant departure from the current character system and a noteworthy enhancement to the game. 

This announcement arrives amidst fan enthusiasm for the recent Fallout TV series, especially with the portrayal of Ghoul protagonist Cooper by Walton Goggins.

I recently played as a Ghoul for a few hours and interviewed Fallout 76 lead producer Bill LaCoste at a preview event in London. 

I inquired whether the timing of the Ghoul customization update coinciding with the popularity of the Fallout TV show featuring the Ghoul protagonist Cooper, portrayed by Walton Goggins, was intentional.

“It’s somewhat coincidental,” LaCoste explained. “While we were aware that the TV show would feature Cooper, and we anticipated that he would be a popular character due to Walton Goggins’ portrayal and the Ghoul aspect, it wasn’t a meticulously planned decision.”

“But we had plans, even before that, to play as a Ghoul. So I would say that it’s very coincidental that the popularity of Cooper and our ideas to want to play as a goal happened around the same time. So we were already thinking about wanting to do this and, again, Cooper’s popularity has just made this an amazing feature at this point.”

Apart from incorporating playable Ghouls, Fallout 76 is gearing up for the imminent release of the expansive Skyline Valley update later this week. This update will bring forth many fresh quest features and mark the game’s first map expansion. 

For further insights into Skyline Valley and the overall status of Fallout 76, a comprehensive interview with LaCoste will be available once the update launches on June 12th.

Calling all Vault Dwellers, old and new! Fallout 76 is already available to explore on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Want to join in on the wasteland fun on the latest consoles? 

No problem. Fallout 76 is playable on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 through backward compatibility. So, whether you’re a seasoned survivor or a fresh face out of the Vault, there’s no better time to jump into Fallout 76!