Portal 2 Release Date And Time For All Regions

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Portal 2 Release Date And Time For All Regions

When will Portal 2 be released?

Portal 2 is scheduled to be released on April 18, 2011. The anticipation for this release is high, as fans are eager to see the innovations and new challenges that Portal 2 promises to deliver.

With the Portal 2 release date just around the corner, excitement within the gaming community is palpable. This sequel aims to expand on the original’s innovative gameplay, introducing new puzzle elements, environments, and storylines.

Portal 2: Expected Price

The expected price for Portal 2 is $60. This price point is consistent with many new releases in the gaming industry, offering a full-length game with extensive content and replayability.

Given the success and critical acclaim of its predecessor, the price reflects the quality and depth that players can anticipate from Portal 2.

This pricing strategy also aligns with the industry standards for AAA titles, providing a balance between accessibility and compensating the developers for their creativity.

Portal 2: Expected Price

The Official Dates And Times For Portal 2

Below are the official release dates and times for Portal 2 across different regions:

Region/PlatformRelease Date
North AmericaApril 20, 2011
Europe & AustraliaApril 22, 2011
Linux (beta)February 26, 2014
Nintendo Switch (Portal: Companion Collection)June 28, 2022

Portal 2 Crossplay/Cross Platform

Portal 2 does not support crossplay or cross-platform play. This decision impacts players who were hoping to enjoy the game with friends on different gaming systems.

Despite this, Portal 2’s engaging single-player campaign and cooperative mode ensure a rewarding experience for players on the same platform.

The lack of crossplay, while disappointing for some, underscores the technical and logistical challenges of implementing such features in games that are heavily reliant on precise timing and physics-based puzzles.

Portal 2 Crossplay/Cross Platform

Portal 2: Gameplay

Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle-platform game developed by Valve. The sequel to the 2007 game Portal, it introduces players to Chell, a test subject navigating the Aperture Science Enrichment Center using a portal gun that creates interconnected portals on flat surfaces.

The game’s complex puzzles, enhanced by physics-based challenges, are set within an engaging narrative that explores themes of science, isolation, and survival.

The addition of new gameplay mechanics, such as the use of gels that alter player movement and portal conductivity, further enriches the strategic depth and replayability of Portal 2.

Portal 2 Editions

Portal 2 is available in two editions: the Standard Edition and the Collector’s Edition.

  • The Standard Edition offers the core game experience.
  • The Collector’s Edition enriches the gameplay with exclusive items such as a steelbook case, a poster, a soundtrack CD, and a behind-the-scenes DVD.

These editions cater to different segments of the gaming community, from casual players to hardcore fans looking for collectibles and deeper insights into the game’s development.

Portal 2 Editions

Portal 2 System Requirements

To enjoy Portal 2, ensure your system meets the following requirements:

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD Phenom II X4 945 processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 5770 graphics card
  • 12 GB of free hard disk space

These requirements are designed to ensure that a wide range of players can experience Portal 2 without needing high-end gaming rigs. However, for the best experience, higher specifications may provide smoother gameplay and enhanced visuals.


Portal 2 is a masterful continuation of the innovative gameplay introduced in the original Portal. With its April 18, 2011, release date, the game offers a rich narrative and challenging puzzles that demand creative problem-solving and strategy.

Although lacking in crossplay capabilities, its diverse editions and comprehensive gameplay ensure a rewarding experience for all players. Portal 2 stands as a testament to Valve’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment and puzzle-platform gaming.


Will Portal 2 work on Xbox?

No, Portal 2 is not available on Xbox. It is designed for PC gaming, with specific optimizations for keyboard and mouse controls to enhance the puzzle-solving experience.

How many GB will Portal 2 need?

Portal 2 is approximately 12 GB in size, requiring ample storage space for installation and smooth gameplay. This size accounts for the extensive content, including high-resolution textures and detailed environments, ensuring a visually immersive experience.

Is Portal 2 out?

Yes, Portal 2 was released on April 18, 2011, and is now available for players to enjoy. Its launch has been met with positive reviews, highlighting the game’s inventive puzzles and captivating storyline.

Will Portal 2 be the last game?

It is not known whether Portal 2 will be the last game in the series. The future of the franchise remains open to new developments and possibilities. Valve has not made any official announcements regarding the end of the Portal series, leaving room for potential sequels or spin-offs.

Who owns the Portal 2 franchise?

Valve owns the Portal 2 franchise, maintaining its reputation for innovative game design and storytelling. The company’s dedication to quality and player experience continues to set high standards in the gaming industry.