What Is The Release Date Of PS5 Earbuds?

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ps5 earbuds release date

Sony’s PlayStation Earbuds were initially hard to find, but now they’re more readily available, easing the burden of eager consumers. While the WF-1000XM4 and WF-1000XM5 earbuds can function with the PS5, a separate Bluetooth adapter is needed for connection. 

However, the native experience of the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds surpasses this workaround. These PlayStation Earbuds facilitate voice chat and provide convenient console notifications for battery life and other features. 

Introduced alongside the Sony Project Q handheld (now known as the PlayStation Portal), the PS5 earbuds deliver the wireless audio quality Sony is known for, tailored to gamers’ needs. Demand remains high, complementing the popular Sony PS5 Pulse 3D headset.

The wireless earbuds bearing the PlayStation brand are compatible with PS5, mobile devices, and PCs. They introduce a novel wireless technology called PlayStation Link, developed by SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment), ensuring lossless audio transmission with minimal latency. 

Seamless device switching between the PS5 and PlayStation Portal is also supported. These features are integral to the functionality of the PlayStation Earbuds, now officially recognized as the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds.

Release date of the PS5 earbuds

The PS5 earbuds were released on December 6, 2023. Initially, there was speculation that they would be available in November, coinciding with the release of the PlayStation Portal on November 15, 2023. However, this turned out to need to be corrected.

Owners of the PS Portal had to rely on wired headsets for nearly a month, as the PS5 Earbuds were released slightly later. These earbuds and other devices are among the few options compatible with Sony’s new PlayStation Link technology, as the PS Portal does not support Bluetooth.

Furthermore, the PlayStation Earbuds launched after the release of Sony’s PS5 Slim, a smaller, more affordable, and streamlined version of the PlayStation 5, which debuted in November.

Price of the PS5 Earbuds

We initially estimated the price range for the PS5 earbuds to be between $99 and $199. However, they ended up being priced at the higher end of our prediction, retailing for $199.99 under Pulse Explore wireless earbuds. 

While this makes them more expensive than the PS5 Pulse Elite wireless headset, which offers comparable features at $149.99, they are still more affordable than other Sony models like the WF1000-XM5 and the INZONE H9, both priced at $299. 

The Pulse Explore earbuds stand out as the only wireless earbuds directly from Sony designed specifically for flawless use with the PS5.

Adding to the options, Sony has also introduced the Sony Inzone Buds, priced at $199, which are compatible with PS5 and PC and featuring active noise canceling. 

However, they lack PlayStation Link or lossless audio technology. Sony’s decision to release two similar products could lead to consumer confusion and competition between the two offerings.

Specifications of the PlayStation Earbuds

The specifications of the PlayStation Earbuds are undeniably impressive. While it was previously known that they would utilize a new wireless technology to provide exceptional sound quality through lossless audio, it has now been revealed that they are equipped with planar magnetic drivers. 

PlayStation 5 takes a surprising turn with its earbuds, ditching the standard cone-shaped drivers for high-fidelity planar magnetic drivers. 

Usually reserved for premium over-ear headphones, this technology offers a significant advantage. Planar drivers deliver a more expansive soundscape with finer details, making them ideal for picking up the nuances of the PS5’s 3D audio. 

This translates to a more immersive gaming experience where you can precisely pinpoint every footstep and explosion.  

While the $199 price tag might seem steep for earbuds, the inclusion of this high-end audio tech makes it a more compelling value proposition for gamers seeking a truly top-tier audio experience.

The built-in microphone boasts AI-powered noise reduction. This tech cleverly filters out background hum, like air conditioners, keeping your voice crisp and clear for uninterrupted communication with teammates.

Sony estimates that the PlayStation Earbuds will provide approximately 5 hours of battery life on a single charge, with an additional 10 hours available from the included charging case. This falls short of the XM4s, which offer 8 hours of playtime and an extra 16 hours from the case. 

While the shorter playtime may be disappointing, it aligns with the battery life of the DualSense Edge controller for the PS5. A comprehensive review of the PlayStation Earbuds’ performance will be conducted upon release.

The earbuds come with a stylish charging case, although some may find it less portable compared to other options on the market. However, this may be a minor concern for those primarily using the PlayStation Earbuds at home.

ps5 earbuds release date

The pre-order date for the PlayStation Earbuds

Pre-orders for the PlayStation Earbuds began on November 9 at 10 a.m. local time, more than a month before their release.

Sony allowed ample time for pre-orders between the releases of the PS5 DualSense Edge controller and the PSVR 2 headset. 

Similarly, akin to the Spider-Man 2 PS5 bundle, Sony has made the PS5 earbuds available for purchase through various retailers, not just exclusively through the official PlayStation Store.

Sony’s approach has shifted towards selling its products directly for a limited period before expanding availability to other retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. 

While this strategy allows Sony to capitalize on early adopters and maximize profits, it may hinder long-term sales and result in some gamers needing help to purchase the product.

Is purchasing the PlayStation Earbuds a good decision?

Gamers seeking a comfortable and portable alternative to bulky headsets like the PlayStation 3D Pulse might find the PS5 earbuds a good fit. 

These earbuds cater to audiophiles with a focus on high-fidelity lossless audio, making them a great companion for on-the-go gaming or commuting. Plus, their sleek design complements the PS5 aesthetic for a cohesive look.

Following Apple’s successful model with the AirPods, it’s likely that Sony will include multiple replaceable tips to ensure users find the perfect fit for their ears.

Although the price of the PlayStation Earbuds might deter some impulse buyers compared to the $99 PS5 Pulse 3D audio headset, there is clear demand for wireless earbuds tailored for PlayStation, suggesting they could emerge as top contenders among the best PS5 headsets in 2024. Keep an eye out for further updates.