Quizizz Review : What is Quizizz?

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What is Quizizz?

Quizizz, like Kahoot!, Pear Deck, and Nearpod, is a tool for quizzes and interactive lessons. Teachers must create an account, while students have the option to do so. 


Students access content shared by teachers using a link or access code on the website or app. They can see both questions and answers.

Quizizz is able to connect with different learning management systems, but some might need a paid district plan. Students complete questions at their own speed based on what the teacher says.

If allowed by teachers, students can view their position on the leaderboard for more excitement during gameplay.

Teachers have access to a library of lessons and quizzes that they can customize to fit their needs, including selecting specific questions or slides. 

When creating content from scratch, teachers can include images, audio, video, and various question types such as multiple choice, fill in the blank, polls, open-ended, and audio/video responses. They can also provide custom feedback after each question.

Content can be organized into collections for easier access and assignment. Students can complete quizzes either competitively as a class or individually as assigned by the teacher. 

Teachers can then review feedback by student or by question, helping to identify areas for reteaching or reinforcement for individuals or groups.

Clarify answers, make videos, and reports. Helpful for assignments.It’s hard to find the unique materials in the school or district plans because there’s a lot to go through in the content library.

How Can I Teach With Quizizz?

Quizizz is helpful in various classroom scenarios. Basic quizzes resemble game shows, aiding students in remembering facts and getting ready for regular tests. Interactive lessons promote deeper understanding. To quickly review material, make or modify a quiz.

For more profound learning, choose lessons with videos, audio, images, and questions to enhance comprehension. This also provides valuable feedback for teachers and parents to adjust instruction accordingly.


While teachers have the option to create quizzes or lessons from scratch, there’s also a convenient database with many pre-made quizzes and lessons available for editing. 

Not all of them are top-notch, but you can check how many times each has been used to gauge popularity. Reports generated after quizzes and lessons make it simple to use the results for adjusting and personalizing instruction. 

Teachers can view student performance on each question and use that data to identify areas needing review or further explanation, as well as determine which students may require additional support either individually or in small groups. 

Since Quizizz makes quiz and lesson creation quite simple, teachers could consider inviting different students each week to create shareable reviews of the week’s material.

How Good Quizizz Is For Learning?

Quizizz has developed from a basic quiz game into a user-friendly learning platform for both teachers and students. It combines advanced quizzes with slide-based learning. 

Teachers can choose to conduct quick quiz reviews or incorporate quizzes into interactive lessons with instructional aids. These lessons can be conducted live or assigned for self-paced learning. 

With features like personalized question feedback, Quizizz stands out among other quiz and game show tools. Its versatility allows for customization, such as adding audio instructions, embedding videos, including polls, and allowing students to draw or label slides. 

Fun elements like themes, images, leaderboards, timers, and music enhance the student experience.

Crucially, Quizizz was previously free with ads, but now offers both free and paid versions. The paid version includes premium features like video and audio responses, which are not available in the free version.


Students will enjoy tracking their progress with class leaderboards. Different question types make things more engaging. The addition of video and audio responses adds a fun element.

Easy To Use★★★★★Students can engage beyond just quizzes to master concepts due to the variety of questions available. Teachers have the option to include personalized answer explanations.
Support★★★★★Teachers can check reports for each student to see which questions they got wrong, or they can look at students’ answers for each question. Students can opt to have questions read aloud to them.