Red Wolf of Radagon’s Weakness

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Red Wolf Of Radagon Weakness

The Red Wolf is a tough boss in Raya Lucaria Academy. You have to beat it to fight Rennala and unlock a special ability, but you don’t have to fight it to finish the main story.

The Red Wolf is faster than other bosses you fought before and mixes magic attacks with claw swipes. It can be very hard depending on how you play your character.

Here’s a quick rundown of the fight:

  • Location: Raya Lucaria Academy

  • You can summon other players or spirit creatures to help you. There’s also an NPC you can summon if you helped her earlier in the game.

  • You get runes and a special item after winning.

The Red Wolf is weak to slashing attacks, jumps, and strong hits. It’s very resistant to magic and other elements. Magic fighters will have a hard time because the Wolf is too fast to let them cast spells.

Focus on slashing attacks and try to land jumps or strong hits to stun the Wolf and get more attacks in. You can’t dodge its attacks, so those are the main ways to damage it quickly.

Finding the Red Wolf of Radagon

To fight the Red Wolf, explore the Raya Lucaria Academy until you reach a resting spot called “Schoolhouse Classroom.” From there, go down the hall (past magic enemies and a pot creature) to the next room.

Defeat more magic enemies and turn left to see stairs. Climb the stairs until you reach a misty wall. Touch the wall to start the Red Wolf fight.

Red Wolf’s Attacks and How to Beat Them

The Red Wolf is different from some bosses. It has one stage where it uses the same attacks over and over, sometimes together. Here’s what to watch for:

  • Bite: The Wolf lunges to bite. Dodge forward, block, or step back to avoid it.

  • Jumping Bite: The Wolf leaps and bites, landing behind you. Just roll forward.

  • Golden Blade: The Wolf creates a giant golden sword and swings it. Dodge towards the swings or block them with a shield. Be careful not to dodge too early!

  • Blade Plunge: The Wolf summons a sword, jumps high, and slams it down. Roll forward when it dives to avoid the attack.

  • Magic Orbs: The Wolf dashes and creates magic orbs that shoot projectiles. Dodge or run sideways to avoid them. The Wolf might also attack with claws while these fire.

  • Magic Cometshard: The Wolf jumps and shoots a powerful magic attack. Dodge or run in front of it as it jumps.

Remember, these are the Wolf’s main attacks. Stay alert and watch out for its movements!

Red Wolf’s Tough Skin and Weak Spots

Red Wolf is tough against magic of all kinds: Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Holy. Magic users will have a hard time hurting him. He’s also okay against poison, bleed, and other status effects, but you can still try them. He can’t be parried, but strong attacks can stun him for a critical hit.

Slashing Away at the Red Wolf

The Red Wolf is weak against slashing weapons like swords and daggers. Heavy attacks and jumping attacks are also good because they can stun him easily.

Tips for Taming the Red Wolf

  • Summon Help: If you’re struggling to hit him, use Spirit Ashes like the Jellyfish or Marionette Soldiers to distract him. This lets you land some blows.

  • Cast Quickly: Magic users, use fast-casting spells. The Wolf won’t give you much time to cast.

  • Shields Up: Using a shield that blocks all physical attacks makes the fight much easier.

  • Team Up: If you’re stuck, summon other players or Sorceress Sellen (if you helped her).
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Red Wolf of Radagon Tips

Magic at Range:

  • Magic users will have a tough time. The Red Wolf resists magic and dodges spells.

  • Trap him in a corner to limit his dodging.

  • Wait for his strongest attacks (they take longer to recover from) and then hit him with magic.

  • If magic isn’t working, use weapons that scale with Faith or Intelligence (like Rosus’ Axe or Winged Scythe).

Up Close and Personal:

  • For melee fighters, the key is to wait for openings to attack.

  • The Red Wolf is weak against slashing weapons, so use those if you have them.

  • Bait out his big attacks, dodge them, then hit him back while he recovers.

  • Shields that block all physical damage are helpful. You can block his attacks and then counterattack.