Siege Marketplace: Marketplace Release Date and Details

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Siege Marketplace

Ubisoft’s latest addition to Rainbow Six Siege introduces a dynamic marketplace where players can earn R6 credits by engaging in cosmetic transactions.

Initially announced in December, the Rainbow Six Siege marketplace is poised to enter its beta phase as part of the eagerly anticipated Operation New Blood.

Scheduled details and insights into Operation New Blood’s launch are set to be disclosed on May 26th, offering R6 players a comprehensive update exclusively accessible via

What does Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace entail?

The Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace is a robust platform enabling players to buy and sell R6 cosmetics, enhancing their in-game customization options.

Users can list their surplus cosmetics for sale, exchanging them for R6 Credits, a virtual currency exclusively used within the game’s ecosystem.

These earned R6 Credits allow players to expand their cosmetic collections by acquiring additional items of their choice.

It’s common for players to leverage the marketplace to sell unwanted cosmetics, thereby accumulating R6 Credits to fund future purchases of desired items.

The marketplace imposes specific guidelines on item availability, restricting tradable items to those currently eligible for sale. As the game progresses through seasons, items from the current season will transition to tradable status in subsequent updates.

Ubisoft applies a modest 10% transaction fee on all marketplace transactions, positioning it favorably with a lower fee structure than Steam’s 15% fee for similar transactions.

When is the release date for the Rainbow Six Siege marketplace?

The anticipated Rainbow Six Siege marketplace launch is slated early in Season 2, targeted explicitly around June 15th. 

This eagerly awaited feature will be accessible to all players holding a clearance level of 25 or higher, streamlining access without requiring additional registration steps.

Siege Marketplace


How do I list an item for sale?

To begin selling an item, navigate to the “Sell” section within the marketplace interface. Here, you can browse and select the specific item you intend to list for sale. Once you’ve chosen the item, set its price according to your preference. After finalizing the price setting, click the “Sell” button to confirm your sell order.

Upon confirmation, the marketplace system will automatically match your sell order with a corresponding buy order from another player or entity within the marketplace ecosystem. This streamlined process ensures efficient transactions and facilitates the exchange of R6 Credits for your listed item.

How can I purchase an item?

To purchase an item, navigate to the “Buy” section of the marketplace interface. Within this section, browse the available items and select the specific item you wish to purchase. Once you’ve identified your desired item, enter the maximum price you will pay.

After entering your maximum price, click the “Buy” button to initiate the purchase process. Confirm your purchase order to proceed further. The marketplace system will then automatically search for a compatible sell order that matches your buy criteria within the marketplace.

This systematic approach ensures that your purchase order is efficiently processed and matched with a suitable sell order, facilitating seamless transactions and enabling you to acquire the desired R6 cosmetics or items effectively.

How do I activate 2FA authentication?

To enable 2-step verification for accessing the Rainbow Six Siege marketplace, go to the security settings in your account management webpage.