Some of China’s most popular games today 

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Some of China’s most popular games today 

Some of China’s most popular games are particularly interesting. Of course, it’s a nation that also has access to the same types of games that we do, although there are some different options that haven’t made it too far outside of the country.

People all around the world can still access an abundance of Chinese-themed games, though. For example, titles like the 5 Lions Gold game are gathering serious momentum, with its traditional Chinese feel impressing gamers.

Likewise, huge releases like Genshin Impact feature numerous elements from China in what is the first Chinese video game to become a global hit. 

As one of the biggest gaming markets in the world, China’s gaming industry is booming. The country is home to some respected game developers, alongside having approximately 517 million gamers. A market that is also worth $24.24 billion per year, the country in East Asia clearly has a big influence on the overall landscape of gaming. 

Genshin Impact isn’t China’s only success story, though. In fact, there are some seriously popular games that are currently thriving in the country. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular games in China today. 

Honor of Kings tops the list 

If there’s a gaming release that Chinese gaming audiences can’t seem to get enough of, then it’s definitely Honor of Kings. The undisputed king of games in the country, over 55 million people play the game on a monthly basis.

The online multiplayer battle product features epic five-on-five battles as players aim to survive and attack enemy bases in this truly brilliant release. 

Onmyoji is an engaging card game 

Another favorite among the Chinese gaming community is undoubtedly Onmyoji, a game that first came to the fore in 2016. Since then, it has gone on to become one of the biggest ever games in the country, earning around $100 million a month for the game’s developers, NetEase.

With fierce battles at the game’s forefront, it’s another captivating release that appeals to Chinese gamers. Whether you’re a wolf gladiator or a fox spirit, the array of attacks you can carry out makes Onmyoji such an engaging card game. 

Azur Lane has been shining since 2017 

A smartphone product that has been accessible in the country since 2017, Azur Lane’s introduction has clearly benefited China’s dedicated population of gamers. Not only do they seem to love playing along as characters that are based on warships, but the game’s strategic element adds another layer of entertainment to it.

Taking place in an alternative timeline of World War II, this iOS and Android masterpiece is easily one of the biggest games in China today. 

Some of China’s most popular games today 

A great game in its own right, QQ Speed’s all-action racing package makes it a superb game to session. In China, since its release in 2010, over 2 million people play the game on a daily basis. Additionally, when it was particularly thriving in 2018, the title achieved 25 million downloads.

Offering both competitive and casual racing in three visually pleasing kingdoms, QQ Speed’s popularity makes a lot of sense. 

Fantasy Westward Journey has over 250 million players 

If there’s a game that never seems to fade in terms of its appeal, then it seems to be Fantasy Westward Journey. First launched in 2015, the 3D animation release has managed to pull in over 250 million players.

Additionally, the mobile title recorded gross revenues of around $2.3 billion within its first year. With players embarking on an epic adventure with their chosen hero, Fantasy Westward Journey’s offering is impressive.