Stay Safe When Watching Esports on Your Mobile

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Stay Safe When Watching Esports on Your Mobile

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On this page, we spotlight one of the most exciting and potentially lucrative areas of gaming; esports. The esports industry has exploded over the last few years, and today’s numbers are crushing anything seen pre-pandemic. The roster of professional players is stronger than ever, more games and competitions are on TV and live-streaming apps, and the last Gtbets review shows bookies offer esports betting and promos. 

Few industries have grown as much and fast as esports over the last three years and are showing no signs of slowing down. Are you up to speed on the latest esports news and reviews? You may be an experienced follower and already know the teams to watch. 

You might be entirely new to the game, ready to learn on the go, discovering what all the fuss is about and why esports has become mainstream. 

The future’s bright

Regardless of your background and experience with esports, you’ll find this article insightful into an exciting industry. Few can predict what esports will go next, but it’s rising fast and backed by big businesses like bookmakers, it won’t stop for any obstacle. Are you ready to join the movement and enjoy esports as it continues to climb the rankings? Experts predict the industry will soon pass viewing figures for traditional sports, including golf and snooker.

Esports is an energetic and vibrant community with dozens of games and competitions contested each week by the most talented players and famous teams. Knowing which players and teams to follow could help with your pre-game predictions. The more you know and understand how the industry works, the more luck you’ll have when predicting the results for fun or gambling purposes when targeting a profit. There are many advantages to being an esports fan, especially while the industry grows.

The leading gambling apps aim to encourage new esports bettors by offering coverage of the most popular fixtures on their live-streaming tabs. Watch the games for free on your desktop computer from the comfort of your home, or keep pace with the latest results on the move using your smartphone. Esports is more accessible than ever, but that progress comes with problems. 

Keep reading as we discuss the best ways to stay safe, and protect your online security when watching esports.

Stay Safe When Watching Esports on Your Mobile

Choose wisely

Your esports experience is only as good as your provider allows. Several apps offer live-streaming of esports, including sponsors and official broadcasters. But if you’re looking for the best live stream of top esports games, the biggest sportsbooks are the best. Bookies offer live-streaming to all registered customers, and there’s no need to gamble. But what’s the catch? 

Betting apps aren’t known for their generosity and for giving things away for free. The leading firms understand esports is going places fast and want to encourage a new audience to watch, interact, and make predictions on games. They know you’re more likely to wager on an upcoming esports game or competition if you can watch live and cheer on your selections. 

That’s where the HD-quality live streams come in handy. Some sportsbooks offer live-streaming to all members who have gambled on the outcome, but the best bookies don’t require you to bet. If you have an account registered, click the live stream tab for today’s schedule and choose the fixture you wish to follow. Click the link at the advertised start time to enjoy coverage on your mobile or laptop.

Of course, you can bet on esports with dozens of markets, specials, and generous odds available, but it’s optional. You are in complete control, and that approach has struck a chord with esports fans.

Beef up security

Watching esports on a live stream with expert commentary, updated scores, and stats is excellent, but it comes with risks. As with any online industry, you must be safety conscious if you transfer cash to gamble. The site providing the live stream will have professional safety measures, but you can beef up security quickly.

Don’t use a shared computer when watching esports, and never leave your account logged in, as it could attract trouble. When registering an account, you must create a username and password and keep this information personal. Login details should be memorable but not so apparent that they could be hacked or guessed by outside sources.

Go for two-step authentication when personalizing your account. You can log in with your password and username or use face recognition technology on the latest smartphones. That severely limits the chances of your account falling into the hands of a hacker. Ask for an email each time there’s a login to ensure it is you, and the attempt wasn’t fraudulent.

Your esports provider should run Secure Socket Layer technology, the gambling industry benchmark for security and privacy. Online gambling has the most robust security checks; your account is well-protected even if you don’t bet.

How to watch esports

Follow the simple guide below to watch esports for free using a gambling app without placing a bet.

  1. Register an account or log in with your username and password.
  2. Click on the live-streaming tab and choose esports.
  3. Choose the fixture you wish to follow and click the link.
  4. The coverage begins at the advertised off time.
  5. Watch, listen to the commentary, and enjoy the show.

Land a welcome bonus

All new members to a sportsbook app with free live-streaming will receive a welcome bonus. Options include free bets, prize giveaways, and tickets to the next event. But you have to be in it to win it.