Street Fighter 2 Pocky Edition Game Download Arrives

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As the 35th-anniversary approaches, the Street Fighter 2 Pocky Edition game download arrives to bring back some fun gaming nostalgia.

For years, fighting game fans have joked about the seemingly endless versions of Street Fighter 2 that Capcom has released, but this version is slightly different from past releases.

Glico and Capcom have released Street Fighter 2 Pocky Edition for those who buy the World Warrior-branded snacks; SF2: Pocky Edition will be free.

Street Fighter 2 Pocky Edition

You need to scan the QR code on the box of Pocky to access the game.

When the player’s stamina reaches a certain level, they must defeat their opponent within that range to get a Pocky KO.

If you’re interested, you could buy it from Japan. Still, if you want to get a physical copy, you might need to look into importing it yourself or keeping an ear out for any news regarding its availability in your region.

There isn’t currently any competition or sweepstakes associated with the game’s release, but that may happen once the limited edition POCKY candy releases.

This year, it wasn’t the first time that a food-themed SF game came out. Last summer, Capcom teamed up with a sparkling beverage brand from Japan to release an AR fighting game called “SF Bubbles,” which lets players fight against bottles.

You can learn more about Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting and the snack packs at Famitsu though they’re in Japanese.

The central part of the Street Fighter II Pocky promo involves specially decorated boxes of chocolate-flavored Pocky. Poco (Japanese for “chocolate”) is the classic Japanese candy made of flavored biscuits wrapped in cellophane. The unique “Street Fighter II Pocky KO” promotional package features the characters from the video games on the box and wrapper.

The other key aspect of the promotional campaign is a particular PC and smartphone-powered version of Street Fighter II, called Street Fighter II Pocky Edition.

Street Fighter 2

How To Get The Street Fighter 2 Pocky Edition Download

Entering a code found inside the boxes of Pocky KO candy into the campaign website unlocks access to the web version of the fighter. Unlike the original Street Fighter II, the Pocky Edition changes the graphics to resemble those of Pocky sticks. Following the official website here, you can keep up when the download goes live.

Also, instead of having a health meter, the Pocky KO rules require that fighters beat their opponent down until they reach the correct ratio of Pocky-coated pretzels to chocolates. Finally, victory screen images and moves have been altered to include Pocky. The new version of the fighting title supports both single-person play and online multi-play.

Glico has also hinted at creating an actual arcade game console to play Street Fighter II Pocket Edition. Details will be posted on the campaign site once the promotion goes live.

This wasn’t the first time Pocky had teamed up with Street Fighter. A few years ago, they released the “Pocky Ratio” rules for the Street Fighter V tournament circuit.

On November 29, 2022, the Street Fighter II pocky promotion launches in Japanese stores.