The Day Before Release Date And Time for All Regions

The Day Before Release Date And Time for All Regions

For gamers, a long wait that has seen several twists and turns is almost over. The much-anticipated open-world, multi-player game The Day Before finally has a release date. To be fair, The Day Before has had several previous release dates that never panned out.

However, the game’s developer Fntastic and its publisher Mytona have confirmed that The Day Before will be released for PCs on November 10, 2023. Unfortunately, the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 release dates have yet to be determined. But for PC gamers, the wait is almost over. 

The Day Before was once among the most wish-listed games on Stream, which is why several delays have been met with frustration and skepticism. But those delays and controversies surrounding the game have only added to the intrigue and anticipation. Of course, it remains to be seen if The Day Before can live up to the hype and be worth the wait after several delays and setbacks.

The story of The Day Before began back in 2021 when a trailer for the game was released. The apocalyptic survival game generated immediate buzz with that trailer, getting fans excited for the June 2022 release date that was initially promised. But after a graphics change from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5, The Day Before was pushed back to March 1, 2023.

That delay to help improve gameplay was soon followed by accusations of copyright infringement about the title of the game, leading to another delay. Given the copyright issues, the game had to be pulled from Stream, creating even more confusion among gamers. Frustrated by the delays, some fans began to believe that The Day Before and its awe-inspiring trailer were a scam and that the game would never see the light of day.

According to Fntastic, the copyright for The Day Before was available when the game was first announced. However, the publisher was somehow beaten to the punch by a private citizen who moved to register The Day Before trademark before Fntastic could get there. It was obviously an unusual situation that forced a delay in releasing the game.

Reportedly, it was a calendar app called “TheDayBefore” that caused the copyright issue. Mytona and Fntastic were later able to file a trademark for the game title Dayworld. While that created some questions about the actual title of the game, it seemed to resolve the issues holding up the release of the game. At the moment, despite the copyright-related delays and the rumored new name, the game is still on track to be released under the original title The Day Before.

With all of the unusual circumstances and delays seemingly a thing of the past, fans can now focus on what The Day Before brings to the table. The multiplayer game is set in a post-apocalyptic version of New York City that has been invaded by zombies in the aftermath of a pandemic, much like the anticipation surrounding the upcoming adventure in Tears of the Kingdom, set in its own rich and expansive world.

Players will get to explore both New York City and the green spaces around it while searching for whatever resources they can find and either killing or evading the zombies that inhabit the area. 

In addition to the intriguing setting, the trailers and footage released by Fntastic at various points in the last two years have also given players insight into gameplay for The Day Before. Players were seen running through the streets, looting inside houses, and encountering zombies.

Fntastic has promised that the zombies will have a multitude of infections and disorders, adding some creativity and flair to the game. But the developer has also promised that The Day Before won’t be just about killing zombies. The core of the game will be about how players interact with one another in the post-apocalyptic setting.

The Day Before Release Date And Time for All Regions

Meanwhile, the move to Unreal Engine 5, while contributing to the delay of the game’s release, should end up helping The Day Before in the long run. Fntastic has stated that the move to Unreal Engine 5 has led to better gameplay. The latest engine helps to create even more detail. Therefore, the setting and environment within The Day Before should come to life even more.

Based on everything we know about the game, The Day Before figures to be worth the wait. The only downside is that November 10 is the release date for PCs. We don’t yet know if and when the game will be available on Xbox, PlayStation 5, in online casinos, or on any other platforms. However, we do know that the graphics will be top-notch, the setting will be fascinating, and the gameplay will be complex. Just for good measure, there has been some beta testing to work out any last-minute kinks in the game. 

Starting on November 10, gamers will be able to experience the long, post-apocalyptic journey offered by The Day Before for themselves. In a way, fans have already been on a long journey while waiting for the game to be released. But that journey will soon be over and the next, more enjoyable journey will soon begin.