The most interesting horror games in 2023

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The most interesting horror games in 2023

Many people like to feel fear and an instant rush of adrenaline during creepy moments. Unlike movies or books, horror games are more suitable for experiencing such emotions, and all thanks to their interactive nature.

It is up to the player to determine the fate of the hero, and all his decisions and choices. Today we decided to prepare a list of some of the scariest games for 2023 that definitely deserve your attention.

Dead Space Remake

Let’s start with a game called Dead Space Remake. You take on the role of Isaac Clark, who went to the ship to fix the breakdown. But upon arrival, it turns out that the entire team is infected with an alien disease and now you have to fight for your life. The main plot has not been changed, but it has been supplemented with new details.

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As for the remake itself, of course, we improved the graphics, and soundtrack, redesigned lighting, increased locations for exploration, removed loading screens, redesigned physics and the system of dismemberment of opponents, and also added a system of random events to keep you in constant suspense.

And perhaps the scariest thing is its system requirements. In order to run the game on minimal, you will need a graphics card, at least a GTX 1070.

Sons of the Forest

This is a multiplayer horror game with elements of survival and a first-person view, which is a continuation of the forest nightmare The Forest. In the story, you arrive on the island in search of a missing billionaire, but the helicopter crashes, and now your main task is to survive.

You have to explore a large open world, and constantly defend yourself from all sorts of monsters and mutant cannibals, creating various objects and shelters. Along the way, we are promised a lot of riddles, puzzles, dynamic weather and seasons, improved artificial intelligence, as well as love affairs with the mutant Virginia.

Alan Wake 2

The events of the game will take place in an alternative version of New York, where the developers decided to move away from the action genre a little and focus on survival. Accordingly, we should expect various puzzles, a deep plot, and riddles along the way. It runs on the engine that was used to create Control and Quantum Break. The game was released on a new generation of consoles and PCs.

The most interesting horror games in 2023

Resident Evil 4 Remake

This is a new remake of the fourth part of Resident Evil from Capcom. The game will take place in 2004, 6 years after the second part. You take on the role of Leon Kennedy and embark on a mission to Europe to rescue the president’s daughter, kidnapped by a mysterious cult. The investigation will lead you to a remote village where you will face various monsters and evil locals.

The main plot remains the same, but the game has been well redesigned, and new details and mechanics have been added, for example, the behavior of enemies has been changed, interaction with the environment has been added, locations have been expanded, and new plot details have been added.

In the fourth part, Ada Wong will also be present, they decided to dress up a little, but after the release, she was already stripped, because there is nowhere without it.