The Witcher 3 Takes Over The Lead On PS5

What! The Witcher 3 has blown past God of War Ragnarok and becomes the second highest-rated game on PS5 in 2022. See how it happened below.

So far, The Witcher 3 hasn’t received a single review below an average rating of 9 out of 10. And if and when more reviews are posted, the current average score of 96 might go down slightly but don’t expect any significant changes.

It’s quite a big deal for CD Projekt RED, which indicates that The Witcher 3’s next-generation version still stands out even after being released years ago.

This version includes a lot of upgrades and improvements, including some free ones for current players. In addition, PS5 has DualSense capabilities, 3-dimensional audio, Activity Cards, performance mode, and raytraced graphics.

The Witcher 3

With the help of modders, CD Projekt Red has integrated community-created content into The Witcher 3 for PlayStation 5. As a result, it includes new features like 4K texture support, improved lighting, and better character animations.

Many have been playing recently on PlayStation 5. It’s a tremendous improvement to an already great title. In addition, these free updates are great for bringing back some old games to life.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunter – Game of the Year edition is roughly 55 hours long.

If you want to play through every aspect of the game, you’re likely to take at least 191 hours to complete.

You’re Geralt of Rivia – a professional assassin who hunts monsters for money. You’ve just finished tracking down Ciri – a girl who can change reality itself. But her fate lies in your hands…

The Complete Edition includes the base version of the RPG, which offers a whopping 100+ hour long, open-world adventure, and the two massive expansions: Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, each worth another 50 hours of gameplay!

It also includes all additional content made available for the game, alongside several new additions, including a built-in Photo Mode, swords, armor, and alternate outfits from the Netflix show.

The Witcher 3 Takes Over The Lead On PS5

During wartime, hunt down the prophesied living weapon, a living weapon predicted by ancient Elven legends. Overcome fierce rulers, spirit creatures of the wilds, and even a threat from beyond this world – all bent on controlling this world.

You must define your destiny in a universe that may no longer be worth saving. The Witcher 3 PlayStation 5 version has surpassed God of war Ragnarok to become the platform’s second highest-ranked video game of 2022 after Elden ring.

With 24 critical reviews on Metacritic, Geralt of Rivia settled for 96 on PS 5 after having spent some time being linked with Elden ring (97). God of War Ragnarok sat at a score of 94. The Witcher 3 PS4 hasn’t received a score below 90 so far.

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