The Witcher 4 Release Date And Time For All Regions

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The Witcher 4

When Will The Witcher 4 Release?

The anticipation for The Witcher 4’s release is palpable among fans of the series. While an official announcement has yet to be made, speculation suggests that the release could be targeted for late 2025.

This projection is based on the development timelines of previous titles in the series and the ambitious scale expected of the next installment. The Witcher series has always set a high bar for storytelling, gameplay, and graphics, and The Witcher 4 is expected to push these boundaries even further.

Fans and industry insiders alike eagerly await an official announcement from CD Projekt Red that will confirm the release date and provide more details about the next chapter in this epic saga.

The Witcher 4: Expected Price

The Witcher 4 is expected to be priced in line with major AAA releases. Standard editions may retail around $60-$70 USD, with variations depending on the region and platform.

Special and collector’s editions could significantly exceed this base price, offering additional content and physical memorabilia. These premium packages are designed for the series’ most devoted fans, offering exclusive items such as statues, art books, soundtracks, and more.

The pricing strategy reflects the game’s high quality and the value it provides, ensuring players receive an experience worth their investment.

The Witcher 4 Expected Price

The Official Dates And Times For The Witcher 4

There isn’t an official release date yet for The Witcher 4 (Project Polaris), so there’s no information on confirmed regional release dates and times.

The Witcher 4 Crossplay/Cross Platform

The Witcher 4 (Project Polaris) is still under development; there is no official information on crossplay or cross-platform functionality

The Witcher 4 CrossplayCross Platform

The Witcher 4: Gameplay

The gameplay for The Witcher 4 is expected to evolve significantly from its predecessors, offering an expansive open world, profound narrative choices, and refined combat mechanics.

The game aims to immerse players in its rich fantasy universe, filled with morally complex decisions and various characters and monsters. Players can expect a more dynamic world, with quests and storylines that adapt to their choices, creating a personalized gaming experience.

The combat system is anticipated to be more fluid and intuitive, allowing for a greater depth of strategy and customization.

The Witcher 4 Editions

Details on the different editions of The Witcher 4 remain speculative. However, fans can likely expect a standard edition, a digital deluxe edition featuring bonus in-game content, and a collector’s edition that includes physical items such as a statue, art book, and more.

These editions are crafted to cater to the diverse preferences of the gaming community, from those who prefer a digital-only version to collectors seeking tangible memorabilia commemorating their experience with the game.

The Witcher 4 Editions

The Witcher 4 System Requirements

There is no official confirmation yet on the system requirements for The Witcher 4 (Project Polaris) since it’s still under development. However, based on what we know and educated guesses, here’s a breakdown:

Possible Minimum Specs (placeholder):

  • Operating System: Likely Windows 11 and potentially newer versions as the release date approaches (considering most new games target the latest Windows OS).
  • CPU:
    • Minimum: Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 5 (or equivalent) – These are mid-range CPUs from a few generations back, but a newer generation might be needed for a smooth experience.
  • RAM: 16 GB – This has become the standard for many modern games, and The Witcher 4 likely won’t be an exception.
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon RX 5700 (or equivalent) – These were high-end GPUs a few generations ago, but a newer generation might be required considering the graphical demands of the game.

Possible Recommended Specs (placeholder):

  • CPU: Intel Core i9 or AMD Ryzen 7 (or equivalent) – These are high-end CPUs from current or newer generations,
  • RAM: 32 GB – This is becoming increasingly recommended for high-end games, especially for future-proofing.
  • GPU: Nvidia RTX 3070 or AMD Radeon RX 6800 (or equivalent) – These are high-end GPUs from the current generation, and The Witcher 4 will likely leverage their power for high-fidelity graphics.


The Witcher 4 promises to be an epic continuation of a beloved series, with its release date eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide. From its expected price to gameplay mechanics, editions, and system requirements, the game is shaping to be a landmark title in the RPG genre.

Crossplay functionality remains a hopeful feature, enhancing the potential for a vast, connected community of gamers. The excitement surrounding The Witcher 4 is a testament to the lasting impact of the series and the high expectations for its next installment.


Will The Witcher 4 Work On Xbox?

Yes, it’s expected to be available on Xbox alongside other significant platforms, ensuring accessibility to a broad audience.

How many GB will The Witcher 4 be?

While specific details are pending, considering the game’s scale, it’s anticipated to require a significant amount of storage space, potentially upwards of 100GB.

Is The Witcher 4 out?

As of this writing, The Witcher 4 has not been released, with speculation pointing towards a late 2025 launch.

Will The Witcher 4 be the last game?

There’s no confirmation, but the series may continue exploring its rich universe beyond this installment.

Who owns the The Witcher 4 franchise?

CD Projekt Red, the developer behind the series, owns the rights to The Witcher 4.