Top Gambling Companies by Revenue in Canada

Top Gambling Companies by Revenue in Canada

A decade or so ago it was extremely hard to imagine that gamblers would be swimming in casino options. Now, however, you can find anything to your liking. Whether you want a minimal deposit, cryptocurrency rewards, or an online venue with thousands of games, you can easily do so with a simple search.

Still, it’s not a quick job to find an establishment that would cater to your taste. Proper research and trust is always required when finding a new website. The same can be said about gambling companies in Canada. That’s why today we are bringing a list of top casinos by revenue in Canada.

Why Does the House Make Profit?

The first thing that determines revenue and the overall quality of any casino is how generous they are with bonuses and rewards. Canada, no doubt, has a well-established land and online-based gambling industry. That said, players in Canada are increasingly turning to the mobile world of gambling.

Why? The answer is in players’ preferences, including the comfort of their own home, security of their personal information, and an increasing amount of bonuses like Free Spins. Other rewards include no deposits or exclusive access to new releases or even higher RTP. So let’s cover the most popular ones.     

Bonuses and Offers to Be on the Lookout For

After all, it is one of the greatest marketing tactics to offer, either a sign-in bonus, free spins, a generous discount, or exclusive games. If you want to find different variations of bonuses, we advise looking up offers from Casino Rewards casinos and their vast selection.

It’s the easiest way to see the availability of different establishments and what they have to offer. Besides, you will also get basic information on an average RTP (return to player) and minimum deposits.

So what types of rewards exist in Canadian online casinos? The first thing you can be offered as a customer is a deposit match. Meaning that if you deposit $100, the casino will give you $100 as a bonus.

Nevertheless, pay close attention to the limit on this reward, since most venues are willing to offer not more than $100. If you don’t see a proper match, be on the lookout for Free Spins (FS).

Fees and Casino Deposits

An average online casino gets its profit not only from players, spinning and spending money. An even better source is usually the deposit you are asked to pay. Therefore, before making a choice, we recommend checking the size of online casino deposits to decide if you are willing to commit to a large sum.

You can even find establishments that do not require any prior deposits. Most online gambling websites have an average of at least a $10 deposit.

Still, as was mentioned previously, you can find websites with as low as a one-dollar deposit, or without any fees. Pay attention, however, to an average RTP. Casinos with lower deposits usually have lower returns to the player.

Some venues may offer higher bonuses, yet they will ask for either more fees or higher deposits. Meaning, you should also choose the best-paying method. In our experience, credit cards and debit cards are associated with higher fees. Therefore, choosing an e-wallet might be the best option.

Largest Canadian Gambling Companies 

Now, knowing how most gambling establishments make money, we can finally compare and contrast the largest Canadian gambling companies.

Interestingly enough, revenue in the online gambling market is projected to reach almost 3,000,000,000 in 2024 (Statista Market Forecast, 2024). It is approximately a 6% annual growth rate.

Top 5 Canadian Gambling Venues

  • Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is one of the largest companies in Canada, making approximately $1.3 billion annually and owning at least 13,618 slot machines (Securities and Exchange Commission, 2018).
  • Quarter 4 earns at least $2 million daily on generating predictions for sports betting. 
  • Cash Live is your go-to when it comes to online and mobile poker with live tournaments. No wonder they make around $1 million monthly.
  • DEQ Systems sells gaming solutions for table games, catering to the largest Canadian companies.
  • The Stronach Group, apart from offering technological advancements, makes millions on horse racing.
Top Gambling Companies by Revenue in Canada

Honorable Mentions

Not all companies make billions of dollars annually. There are either smaller or newer websites that focus on products or technological advancement. Plus, a good portion of these providers design games themselves, including art, music, math, and everything that comes with creating a slot machine.

So, here is a short list of our honorable mentions:

  • AGS is known for designing elaborate slot machines for your favorite casinos.
  • Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) does not provide strictly gambling services, but they help manage employees and contracts on the mobile market.
  • Western Canada Lottery Corporation is perhaps one of the biggest nonprofit organizations connected with gambling in Canada. 
  • Blazesoft is another provider that focuses on the development and designing of different slot machines and online table games. They mostly focus on the backend and cloud-based tech.
  • Bet Smart Media is a go-to when it comes to technologies connected with sports betting. 

It seems to us that game designers and providers surely get less money than websites that display their games. Still, this market largely depends on the future of AI and tech like VR.

Final Thoughts: How to Choose Your Canadian Casino

In short, Canada has a good chance to become one of the most saturated gambling markets in the world. With a steady revenue increase of at least 13% annually and a projected rate of more than 30% of the user increase, it might even reach the success of the United States.

That said, it is no wonder that there are so many successful companies that make billions of dollars. One of them is Gateway Casinos and Entertainment. They alone make $1.3 billion annually. Our honorable mentions include Quarter4, Cash Live, and many others that make millions every day. 

Considering the particularities of numerous companies, we can also make a quick conclusion that those that offer online and mobile services have higher revenue, than companies who create tech solutions.

Meaning, selling gaming solutions for table games takes second place when it comes to earning. At the same time, live poker tournaments and slot machines displayed online can produce billions for the Canadian economy.