The Unturned Free Zombie Game Keeps Hitting New Highs

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It may have come out in 2014, but the Unturned free zombie game is still being downloaded and played, causing new highs in player count.

2014 was an excellent year for zombies when the Unturned free zombie game came out. The game isn’t about shooting zombies; it’s about surviving. It is about running fast enough to escape danger and shooting accurately sufficient to kill your enemies before they get you. And if you play any zombie game right, you’ll survive long enough to see what happens next.

The Unturned Free Zombie Game

Unturned Free Zombie Games Are A Blast From The Past

Even though it has been eight years, Unturned is back in the top 15 most-played games. 16-year-old Nelson Sexton developed the title, which was downloaded 24 million times. The gameplay combines blocky graphics from the ’80s with open-world zombies and first-person shooters.

Unturned is free, but if you want to support the development team, you can buy some cosmetic items for real money. However, unlike most game developers, those who develop Unturned don’t care about making money off their game. Instead, they’re focused on creating something fun for everyone to play.

A free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game, Unturned, has recently entered the Top 10 Most Played Games on PlayerCounter. It reached a high point of over 50,000 concurrent users within 24 hours.

The Unturned Zombie

Players Agree, It’s Fun To Download and Play

It currently has nearly half a million user ratings, with an average score of “Very Positive.” It seems to be on the upswing after its latest update in September of 2022. While the update itself doesn’t seem like much on paper, there was an impact on the number of players who tuned into the game since the all-time high Unturned player count was also the highest recorded by the game before the update.

It’s not the first time gamers have recently returned to a popular title after an update. Over the past week, gamers have been playing Terraria again, which saw an immense increase in popularity following an update.