Valorant Server Status – Is Valorant Down?

What is the current Valorant server status?

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valorant server status

How to Check Valorant Server Status?

You can check the server status of Valorant by visiting the Service Status page on the official website.

You can also check the status of the game’s servers by following the official Valorant Twitter account. Developers often provide updates on server maintenance and any ongoing issues

Is Valorant Down?

Valorant’s server status fluctuates based on various factors such as server updates, in-game events, technical glitches, or high server demands. If you’re experiencing issues connecting to the game, verify the server status before troubleshooting or considering other reasons.

The official Riot Games server status page will provide information on ongoing incidents or outages. Besides, various online platforms and forums provide real-time feedback from the Valorant community regarding server availability and any widespread issues.

These platforms can be beneficial as they might offer solutions or workarounds the community provides. Thus, checking multiple sources can give you a clearer and more comprehensive picture of the server’s current status.

Is Valorant Down

How to Change Valorant Server?

If you’re looking to play with friends from different regions or experience different competitive landscapes, you can change your Valorant server by:

  1. Open Valorant and head to the game’s main menu.
  2. Click on your in-game name, located at the top-right corner.
  3. In the drop-down menu, you’ll find the option ‘Change Server.’ Click on it.
  4. A list of available servers will be presented. Choose the desired server and click ‘Confirm’.

Remember that frequently changing servers might temporarily lock your account from matchmaking. Also, changing servers might affect your gameplay due to varying ping times. Always ensure to select a server closest to your location for optimal performance.

Common Valorant Server Issues

Online gaming inevitably comes with occasional server disruptions. Valorant is no exception. Some of the common server-related problems that players may encounter include:

  • Server outages: These are temporary shutdowns, either planned for maintenance or due to unexpected technical malfunctions.
  • High latency or ping: Resulting in a delay in gameplay. This can be due to server overload, geographical distance from the server, or individual connection problems.
  • Connectivity problems: These can range from prolonged login times, disconnections during matches, or complete inability to access the game.
  • Matchmaking issues: Challenges such as longer queue times, difficulty finding a match, or being paired with players of disparate skill levels.
  • Unexpected game crashes: Though rare, sometimes the game might terminate unexpectedly due to server-side issues or game bugs.

Encountering any of these challenges can be frustrating. However, always check the Valorant server status to ascertain if the problem is widespread or individual. After that, you can explore various troubleshooting steps or wait for Riot Games to address the issue.


For players deeply invested in Valorant, staying updated on the game’s server status becomes vital to the gaming experience. Knowing where to get reliable information is paramount, whether you’re curious about outages, keen on changing servers, or dealing with in-game anomalies.

The official Riot Games server status page remains a reliable go-to, but diversifying your sources by visiting community forums can provide broader insights. Always prioritize your gameplay quality and ensure you’re playing under optimal conditions.


How often does Valorant undergo server maintenance?

While server maintenance predominantly aligns with major updates or patch releases, it’s not strictly periodic. The frequency can vary, but Riot Games generally ensures that players are informed in advance through in-game notifications and on their official platforms.

Will changing servers affect my game rank?

Your game rank remains consistent across all servers. However, varying latency on different servers can influence your gameplay quality, which might indirectly impact your performance and rank progression.

What should I do if the game keeps crashing?

Always start by verifying the Valorant server status. If the servers appear functional, consider troubleshooting your local connection, checking for game updates, or consulting community forums for solutions.

Can I play Valorant without an internet connection?

Valorant is an online-centric game requiring an active internet connection for all its features. Offline play is not available.

Are there third-party websites that provide information on Valorant server status?

Absolutely, multiple third-party websites offer insights into server status, often aggregating user reports to deduce server health. However, always treat these sources as supplementary, with the official Riot Games page being the primary reference.