Warzone Sens Converter: Transfer Your Sensitivity Settings from Warzone and MW3 to XDefiant

By Alex╺

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Switching your sensitivity from Warzone and MW3 to Defiant is easy. Just use some simple math to find the right number. 

You might want to keep the same sensitivity because the pace and style of shooting in both the Call of Duty games and XDF are alike. 

So, if you’re comfortable with your sensitivity in Call of Duty, it’s a good idea to convert it for use in the arena shooter.

Maintaining the same sensitivity in different games provides a uniform experience. It leads to steady aiming and the best performance in both games. 

This is crucial for players who often switch between games, as it eliminates the need to adapt to a new sensitivity setting each time. 

warzone sens converter

In this short guide, we will show you how to easily convert your Warzone and MW3 sensitivity for use in the arena shooter.

How to Transfer Your Sensitivity Settings from Warzone and MW3 to XDefiant?

Here’s how to change your Warzone and MW3 sensitivity for XDefiant:

First, find out your sensitivity setting in Warzone and MW3. Then, multiply that number by 3.75. Here’s a simple equation to use:

Warzone and MW3 sensitivity × 3.75 = XDefiant sensitivity

For example, if your sensitivity in Warzone and MW3 is 8, you would multiply 8 by 3.75 (8 x 3.75). This gives you a sensitivity of 30 in XDefiant. This step helps keep your aiming and shooting consistent across different games.

Although this adjustment is important for consistency, some players might choose to adjust their settings differently. This is often the case if they are coming from slower-paced games like Valorant or CS2. However, switching from MW3 and Warzone to XDefiant won’t show much difference in the speed and style of gameplay.

warzone sens converter

Therefore, it’s a good idea to change your mouse sensitivity values and keep the sensitivity consistent, even if the number looks slightly different. This approach works for converting your XDF sensitivity to Warzone and MW3 too. In these situations, divide the sensitivity used in the arena shooter by 3.75 to get the right value for Call of Duty games.