Why You Should Try The Baldur’s Gate 3? A Game Review

Why You Should Try The Baldur's Gate 3? A Game Review

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a hit in the video game niche, offering a long and complicated plot. However, here is a short explanation of why hundreds of thousands of gamers are smitten by the game. 

Baldur’s Gate 3 will drop you into a rich fantasy world filled with fearless characters. It allows you to tackle quests and problems in multiple ways. You have the power to navigate conversations, fail or succeed, and you change the conversation and possibly the game’s plot. You won’t fail to notice the intuitive rules and physics, which make experimentation both thrilling and critical to succeeding in your missions. 

The game is also very sexy. For those of you who’ve been living under the rock for the past decade, there are video and casino games, as seen in some titles at Verde casino, that now allow you to romantically involve yourself with the characters. Baldur’s Gate 3 is one such game, and it offers you more; you can have actual sexual intercourse during gameplay. This, combined with the extreme violence, makes this an inappropriate game for kids. Just to be clear, the sex scenes are absolutely avoidable, and you can only be part of them if you want to. 

5 Reasons You Should Try Baldur’s Gate 3

Why exactly should you consider playing Baldur’s Gate 3? What standout features make it an improvement for the Baldur’s Gate 2 game? There are many aspects of the game that have improved, but these stand out the most. 

Innovative Customization

While you can’t go into your character’s bones and reorganize them like in other RPGs, I believe Baldur’s Gate 3’s character customization is one of the best so far. Reviews online show thousands of people are happy with the fact that the developer scanned different types of faces, which adds an invigoratingly immersive layer to the already fascinating experience. It is exciting and refreshing to play as an elf while appearing like a mixed-Asian, don’t you think? 

While your character’s facial structures are fixed, you can customize how you’d like them to appear. You can add tattoos, facial hair, makeup, wrinkles, piercings, and many more. You also have plenty of hair options compared to other RPGs. I’m certain you’ll also be excited about the different types of body shapes, which breaks away from the standard athletic/lean option you’ll find in most games. 

Fascinating Characters

Baldur’s Gate 3 demo has been available for the past three years, giving us a sneak peek of the game through its early access version. Many of us have had plenty of time with the game’s main characters, allowing us to know them pretty well. But even then, they remain a mystery! Even with all the data mines available, there is so much to discover about the main characters. With more than 2,500 lines of dialogue recorded and several pathways available depending on how you influence them, it becomes unpredictable to determine how the characters will behave.

Enigmatic Plot

Like the fascinating characters, I still have no clue where they are going with the plot despite having early access to the game for the past three years. I’m not complaining, though, as this is a good thing. If the plot were too predictable, there would be nothing exciting about the game. 

Why You Should Try The Baldur's Gate 3? A Game Review

State of the Art Graphics

It may sound too cliché and obvious, but for a studio not in the AAA league, Larian outdid itself in crafting the Baldur’s universe. The Sword Coast is flawless, and if you upgrade your PC, there are instances you’ll find yourself pausing the game just to admire the view over the vista. However, the outstanding aspects of Baldur’s graphics are their characters and their facial animations.

In the past releases, they were fun to watch, but as the years go by, they’ve become more expressive and exciting to watch. The game’s animations feel natural and bring out each character’s personality. This makes it even more immersive to play the game. 

Captivating gameplay

If possible, I could dedicate a whole article to writing about Baldur’s gameplay because it has so much to offer. However, I’ll only have to limit myself to a few sentences describing how incredibly fun the combat is. Although the game lacks as many classes and subclasses as we had hoped for, I believe this was the right move. It helps the developers at Larian to perfect and fine-tune whatever they envisioned to achieve. I have not had the chance to play through all the classes, but those I’ve tried have been mind-blowing. 

Another outstanding feature about the gameplay is that you can customize your characters during gameplay in addition to being able to play as a predefined group of starting companions. As discussed above, these companions/characters are fascinating, with each offering their little quirks. To be a mage with a bomb strapped to the chest, a noble warlock, a vampire…oh, the possibilities are endless!