Wild Hearts Server Status – Is Wild Hearts Down?

What is the current Wild Hearts server status?

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Wild Hearts Server Status – Is Wild Hearts Down?

How to Check Wild Hearts Server Status?

As of March 17, 2024, there’s no need to look for Wild Hearts server status links because the game’s support was reportedly ended.

Is Wild Hearts Down?

Wild Hearts is most likely no longer functional in the way you’d expect an online game to be. Here’s why:

  • Support Ended in September 2023: Reports indicate that Electronic Arts (EA) ended support for Wild Hearts just seven months after its release in February 2023.
  • Servers Likely Shut Down:  With the termination of support, the online servers for Wild Hearts have probably been shut down. This means the online features are no longer operational.

Is Wild Hearts Down

How to Change Wild Hearts Server?

Wild Hearts, developed by Super Evil Megacorp and released for iOS and Android devices in December 2017, automatically connects players to the best available server based on their geographical location. This automatic selection process is designed to optimize the gaming experience by minimizing latency and ensuring smooth gameplay.

Unfortunately, there is no option for players to manually change the Wild Hearts server they are connected to. This system, while efficient in providing a stable connection, means that players cannot switch servers at will, for example, to join friends in different regions.

Common Wild Hearts Server Issues

While the Wild Hearts servers are generally reliable, players may occasionally encounter issues that hinder their gaming experience. Some common problems include:

  • Network Connectivity Issues: Players might face difficulties connecting to Wild Hearts servers due to issues with their internet connection. Troubleshooting steps include restarting the router or modem and trying a different network to establish a stable connection.
  • Device Issues: Sometimes, the problem lies not with the servers but with the player’s device. Updating the device’s software or reinstalling the game can often resolve these issues.
  • Game Server Issues: Although rare, the Wild Hearts servers themselves may experience problems that prevent players from connecting or playing the game smoothly. In such cases, contacting Wild Hearts support is the best course of action for assistance.

Common Wild Hearts Server Issues


The Wild Hearts Server Status is an essential resource for players of this popular MOBA game, providing real-time updates on the game’s accessibility. While the servers are currently up and running, encountering issues is not unheard of.

Whether it’s network connectivity, device issues, or server-side problems, there are steps players can take to troubleshoot. Remember, the Wild Hearts support team is always ready to assist with any issues beyond the player’s control.


What is the Wild Hearts server status?

The Wild Hearts servers are currently up and running, providing players with a seamless gaming experience.

How do I change the Wild Hearts server that I am connected to?

Unfortunately, Wild Hearts does not allow players to manually change the server.

What are some common Wild Hearts server issues?

Players may encounter network connectivity issues, device-related problems, or rare server-side issues that can impact gameplay.

How can I contact Wild Hearts support for assistance?

If you’re facing any issues with Wild Hearts, the support team can be reached through their official website at https://www.wildheartsgame.com/support/

Are there any planned maintenance schedules for Wild Hearts servers?

Wild Hearts periodically undergoes maintenance to ensure the servers remain in optimal condition. Players can stay informed about maintenance schedules by checking the official server status page.