Best Young CB FIFA 2023 – Unearth Future Legends

In the journey of football gaming, FIFA has always held a special place. Among its many features, the career mode has been particularly popular among gamers. The thrill of unearthing future stars and nurturing their talents to build an unbeatable squad is an experience that no FIFA player wants to miss. Today, we will be focusing on one of the most vital positions in football, Centre Back (CB), and present to you the best young CB FIFA 2023.

Defining the Best Young Centre Backs

In FIFA 2023, the best young CBs are not just about their current overall ratings. Their potential to grow, their age, and their skill set are all significant factors to consider. The ideal young CB should be under 22 years old, have a high potential rating, and possess a range of skills that can be further developed. The aim is to invest in a young player who can be groomed into a world-class defender.

How to Find the Best Young CBs

Identifying the best young CBs in FIFA 2023 requires a certain level of research and understanding of the game. You can find the best young CBs in FIFA 2023 by scouting in career mode, keeping an eye on the potential ratings of players, and also by checking online resources for curated lists.

Top 10 Best Young CBs to Consider in FIFA 2023

Based on in-depth analysis and Reddit recommendations, here are the top 10 best young CBs you should consider for your FIFA 2023 career mode:

  • Josko Gvardiol
  • Chris Richards
  • Tanguy Nianzou
  • Benoit Badiashile
  • Sinaly Diomande
  • Noah Mbamba
  • Matthijs de Ligt
  • Éder Militão
  • Jules Koundé
  • Ronald Araujo

Detailed Analysis of Top 3 Best Young CBs

Josko Gvardiol

Gvardiol has a huge potential rating and is one of the most promising young CBs in FIFA 2023. His impressive stats make him a great asset for any team. With a potential rating of 89, he’s a future world-beater.

Chris Richards

Richards is a solid defender with a strong presence on the pitch. He’s got a high potential rating and is a great long-term investment for your team. His ability to read the game and his strength make him a standout choice.

Tanguy Nianzou

The Key Attributes and Skills of a Centre Back in FIFA 2023

Before we move on to our list of the best young centre-backs, it’s essential to understand what makes a good centre-back in FIFA 2023. The role of a centre-back is pivotal as they form the backbone of your team’s defence. Here are some key attributes and skills you should look for in a young centre-back:

  • Pace: This attribute determines how quickly a player can move on the field. A centre-back with a high pace can catch up with fast strikers and prevent them from scoring.
  • Strength: This is crucial for winning physical battles against opposing players. A centre-back with a high strength stat can easily outmuscle opposing forwards.
  • Defending: This attribute reflects a player’s ability to tackle, intercept passes, and block shots. A player with a high defending stat is more likely to prevent the opponent from scoring.
  • Heading Accuracy: This attribute determines the player’s accuracy when heading the ball. This is especially useful for scoring from corners and free kicks.

Finding and Developing Young Centre Backs in FIFA 2023

Finding the right young centre-back for your team can be quite a task, but FIFA 2023 makes it easier with its robust scouting network. Here’s how you can find the best young centre-backs in FIFA 2023:

  • Go to the ‘Transfers’ tab in your Career Mode.
  • Click on ‘Search Players’.
  • Set the position to ‘CB’ (Centre Back).
  • Set the age to ’16-21′.
  • Click on ‘Search’.
  • Sort the results by ‘Potential’.

Once you’ve found a promising young centre-back, the next step is to develop them. In FIFA 2023, you can do this by using the ‘Player Development’ feature. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Go to the ‘Squad’ tab in your Career Mode.
  • Click on ‘Player Development’.
  • Select the player you want to develop.
  • Choose a training plan that suits the player’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Simulate or play the training sessions regularly to improve the player’s attributes.


Building a successful team in FIFA 2023’s Career Mode involves finding and developing young talents, especially in crucial positions like the centre-back. Understanding the key attributes for this role and utilizing the game’s scouting and player development features can help you build a formidable defence that can withstand any opponent. Whether you’re aiming for domestic success or Champions League glory, investing in the right young centre-backs is a step in the right direction.


Who are the best young CBs in FIFA 2023?

The best young CBs in FIFA 2023 include players like Tanguy Nianzou, Matthijs de Ligt, and Noah Mbamba. However, the best player for your team would depend on your playstyle and budget.

What are FIFA wonderkids?

In FIFA, wonderkids are young players with high potential ratings. These players can develop into world-class talents if managed correctly.

How do you increase a player’s potential in FIFA 2023?

You can increase a player’s potential in FIFA 2023 by giving them regular playing time, performing well in matches, and using the ‘Player Development’ feature in Career Mode.

What is the Potential to be Special tag in FIFA 2023?

In FIFA 2023, the ‘Potential to be Special’ tag is given to players who have a potential rating of 90 or above. This means that they can reach a rating of 90 or higher if developed correctly.

What does the Showing Great Potential tag mean in FIFA 2023?

The ‘Showing Great Potential’ tag in FIFA 2023 is given to players who have a potential rating of 80-84. These players can reach a rating of 80-84 if developed correctly.

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