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The more popular a game is, the more frequent the number of players online can change as new players start and others end their gaming session. Special announcements by Supercell, the game developer, or tournaments by famous players can affect how many people are playing Clash of Clans right now.

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Clash of Clans Overview

Developer       Supercell
Release Date2 August 2012
Registered Users+150 million
GenreMultiplayer video game, Strategy
Available Platform(s)    Android and iOS

Clash of Clans Live Player Count 2024

  • Clash of Clans has 1.87 million daily active players with an all-time high of 22,004,327 players in 2024.
  • The number of monthly Clash of Clans active users is more than 150 million.
  • To date, Clash of Clans has more than 150 million registered users.
  • Clash of Clans is most popular in the United States with 18.92% of players.

Clash of Clans Monthly Active Players

As of 2024, Clash of Clans has around 150 million active monthly users. Here are the stats for active monthly players for Clash of Clans over the last few months.

Countries With The Most Clash of Clans Players

Clash of Clans is most popular in United States in 2024, with 18.92% of Clash of Clans players, followed by Turkey with 6.17%, and China with 4.09%.

CountryPercentage Of Clash of Clans Players
United States18.92%

Clash of Clans Key Statistics 2024

  • Clash of Clans  has a total lifetime revenue of $10 billion.
  • ​​[x-x] age group has the most number of Clash of Clans players.
  • Evangelo is currently the number #1 Clash of Clans  player and is also the most popular among Clash of Clans fans.
  • Over the last few years, Clash of Clans generated $31 million in 2021, $40 million in 2022, and $36 million in 2023 in revenue.

Clash of Clans Player Demographics

Clash of Clans player demographics for age and gender can be found below:

Age Distribution 2024: What Age Mostly Plays Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is most popular among players in the age group 18-30 with a total of 62.70% players.

However, there is no screening when it comes to Clash of Clans registrations, so no one can determine an actual value for Clash of Clans age distribution.

Age GroupPercentage of Clash of Clans users
<18 years26%

Clash of Clans Gender Demographics 2024

According to our research, 64.86% of Clash of Clans players are male and 35.14% are female.

Male Players64.86 %
Female Player35.14%

Clash of Clans Twitch Stats

Twitch, being a major platform for Clash of Clans players, has seen a considerable number of streamers and viewers over the last few years.






April 2024

72 543
1 238
March 2024
365 559
10 284
February 2024
399 822
14 658

Clash of Clans has 152K followers on Twitch as of 2024.

The top 3 Clash of Clans videos based on views are:

  1. World Championship Finals – Day 3 | #ClashWorlds | Clash of Clans with 36K views
  2. World Championship Finals – Day 2 | #ClashWorlds | Clash of Clans with 26K views
  3. CLASH UNLEASHED: TH16 Fully Equipped – Creators vs World Champions | Clash of Clans with 20K views

Clash of Clans Top Players 2024

Super Mimi is the top Clash of Clans player of 2024. Niko is the second most popular player/streamer of Clash of Clans followed by Lux.

ChannelGames Champion
Super Mimi4,393,201


Is Clash of Clans Down?

Click here to check the server status of The Clash of Clans.

How Many Clash of Clans Players Are Male?

For Clash of Clans Online 64.86% of players are male, while 35.14% are female as of 2024.

Is Clash of Clans Cross Platform? 

Yes,  Clash of Clans is cross platform.

What Is The Release Date Of Clash of Clans?

The Clash of Clans Online was released on 2 August 2012 and is now available globally.

Who Is The Number 1 Clash of Clans Player?

Super Mimi is the number one player for The Clash of Clans as of 2024.