Crossy Road Unblocked

Crossy Road Unblocked: 2023 Guide For Free Games In School/Work

Are you looking for ways to play free games in school or work? We have got you covered with this comprehensive guide on how to unblock Crossy Road and play it on any school or work computer in 2023.

Crossy Road Unblocked is a browser-based game that mimics the popular mobile game Crossy Road. The goal is to help a chicken cross a busy road without being hit by cars and other obstacles.

Crossy Road Unblocked

How To Unblock Crossy Road?

The need to search for “Crossy Road Unblocked” generally arises when one is looking to access and play this addictive game on a restricted computer network like those commonly found in schools and workplaces.

Here we discuss various techniques to bypass these restrictions, primarily focusing on Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and proxy servers.


A VPN or Virtual Private Network offers an encrypted connection over the internet. It allows users to bypass network restrictions by making it appear as though they are accessing the web from a different location.

The first step to using a VPN is to download trusted VPN software. After installation, you can then connect to a server located in an unrestricted area. Once you are connected, you can easily launch Crossy Road and play without limitations.


Proxies serve as intermediaries between the user’s computer and the internet. While they are generally easier to set up compared to VPNs, they may offer less security.

To use a proxy, you usually have to go to the proxy website and manually enter the URL of Crossy Road. This enables you to bypass any network restrictions and enjoy the game.


Chrome Extensions

The Chrome web browser offers extensions like “UnblockMe” specifically designed to unblock restricted websites. These extensions typically use algorithms to find a way around any restrictions, providing a simple and straightforward way to access blocked content like Crossy Road.

However, remember to download extensions only from trusted sources to ensure your network’s safety.

Cloud Gaming Service

If you can’t download any software onto a work or school computer, cloud gaming services can come in handy. Services like LiquidSky, GeForce Now, and NVIDIA Grid allow you to stream games from the cloud directly to your computer.

All that’s needed is a stable internet connection, and you can play Crossy Road or any other game without having to download anything.

Cloud Gaming Service

How to Play Crossy Road Unblocked at School or Work?

Once you’ve decided on the method to unblock Crossy Road—be it VPN, proxy, Chrome extension, or cloud gaming—playing the game becomes easy. Make sure to establish the connection first.

With the VPN or proxy active, launch your web browser and go to the Crossy Road website. You can then play the game seamlessly, as the network restrictions are now effectively bypassed.

Pros & Cons of Crossy Road Unblocked


  • The game is engaging and addictive, providing an excellent way to kill time.
  • The unblocked version offers flexibility, allowing you to play from various locations without any hassle.
  • No need to download or install any additional software, making it easily accessible.


  • Some methods to unblock the game, like VPNs and cloud gaming services, may require a subscription fee.
  • Not everyone is tech-savvy enough to set up a VPN or proxy, which can be a barrier for some people.

Pros & Cons Of Crossy Road Unblocked

Crossy Road Unblocked – Tips & Tricks

Here are some useful tips to enhance your gaming experience:

Tip 1: Use the power-ups wisely to gain an advantage over obstacles.

Tip 2: Always keep an eye out for incoming traffic and obstacles to ensure a longer survival time.

Tip 3: Master the controls through practice to gain better control over your movements.

Tip 4: Timing is crucial. Tap and hold to get the timing right for your jumps.

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Games Similar To Crossy Road


Crossy Road Unblocked is an entertaining game that has captivated the hearts of many. While playing it on a restricted network may seem challenging, the methods discussed here make it simple.

Whether you opt for a VPN, proxy, Chrome extension, or cloud gaming service, each has its benefits and drawbacks. The key is to choose the one that suits you best to enjoy unrestricted gaming in 2023.


Is Crossy Road Unblocked Safe?

Yes, Crossy Road Unblocked is a safe game to play and is suitable for players of all ages.

Is Crossy Road Unblocked Legal?

Yes, playing Crossy Road Unblocked is legal. However, make sure you adhere to your school or workplace guidelines regarding game-playing during hours.

Best VPN for Crossy Road Unblocked?

The best VPNs to consider for playing Crossy Road Unblocked are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark. These services are known for their speed, security, and reliability.

Can you play Crossy Road Unblocked on a school Chromebook?

Yes, you can play Crossy Road Unblocked on a school Chromebook using extensions or cloud gaming services as mentioned earlier.

Is Crossy Road Unblocked available offline?

No, you need an internet connection to play Crossy Road Unblocked as it is a browser-based game.

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