How Much Time I Spend On LOL?

Have you ever pondered about the total time you’ve invested in playing League of Legends? Although Riot Games doesn’t provide a direct tally of your hours spent in-game, there are alternative approaches to uncovering this information.

If you’re keen on discovering the extent of your commitment to League of Legends this season, beyond just your ranked playtime, Riot Games offers a convenient method to do so. Here’s how you can check:

  1. Begin by launching the League of Legends game on your device.
  2. Once you’re within the game, head to your profile, typically accessible by clicking on your avatar or username.
  3. Within your profile, locate and select the “Stats” tab, where you’ll uncover various insights into your gameplay.
  4. Direct your attention to the bottom left corner of the screen. Here, beneath the total number of games played this season, you’ll uncover your ranked hours specifically for this season.

However, if you’re interested in determining your overall hours spent playing LoL, you’ll need to resort to third-party services.

how much time I spend on LOL

Time Spent on League of Legends

Finding out how much time you’ve sunk into LoL is a breeze with Wasted on LoL ( Simply head over to the site, select your region, and enter your summoner name. In an instant, you’ll uncover the hours you’ve devoted to League of Legends.

Navigating Wasted on LoL couldn’t be easier. With minimal links and clutter-free design, the site streamlines the process. Yet, it offers more than just time tracking. At the top, users can indulge in purchasing RP and perusing the top 20 players in each region. These rankings unveil the staggering hours invested by these elite gamers.

However, it’s essential to note that the time tracker for LoL solely operates on Riot’s servers. Consequently, it excludes accounts from China (hosted by qq) and a significant portion of South East Asia (hosted by Garena).

As an external tool, Wasted on LoL may not provide an exact tally of your gaming hours. Nonetheless, it stands as the closest approximation available, granting insight into your total gameplay duration.

Steps for using WOL.GG

To ascertain your League of Legends playtime, just follow these straightforward instructions:

  1. Navigate to the homepage of the website.
  2. Input your summoner’s name into the specified field.
  3. Choose your region from the provided selections.
  4. Click the “Calculate My LoL Playtime” button.

Once finished, you’ll gain insights into your invested hours on League of Legends, based on your data. You’ll effortlessly track your LoL gaming duration, broken down into minutes, hours, and even days. 

Moreover, you’ll unveil your ranking within your regional and global contexts. Not only that, but you’ll also discover the comparative time you could have spent reading books, watching movies, or taking walks. To top it off, convenient Twitter and Facebook share options are available for easy sharing.

Does WOL.GG give correct information? 

While it does display your hours played, the information isn’t directly sourced from RIOT’s database, so its accuracy isn’t guaranteed. Numerous users on forums have voiced concerns that their actual playtime differs from what WOL.GG presents. 

Possible explanations include variations in how playtime is recorded or discrepancies in data synchronization across platforms.

how much time I spend on LOL

Different methods to discover the time you’ve played League of Legends

If your gaming habits aren’t tracked on Wasted on LoL, fear not; there are alternative avenues to uncover your playtime. Websites such as in China compile player statistics, enabling you to ascertain your total games played and average game duration. By multiplying these figures, you can gauge your overall investment in the game.

While stands out for its precision, other platforms like used to offer insights into your recent and historical gameplay. However, since November 2019, has ceased operations.

Alternatively, you can undertake the calculation independently. Websites like furnish data on your game count, which can be multiplied by either 30 (reflecting the typical duration of lower-rank games) or 25 (representing the average length of high-rank matches). This method provides a rough estimate of the hours dedicated to playing.

For a different approach, consider computing your played games by dividing your total mastery points by 650. This strategy offers an alternative to relying solely on platforms like for game count accuracy.

Are you searching for different websites to assist you in getting better, apart from coaching?

It’s surprising that professional players don’t dominate the leaderboard for hours spent, especially as League of Legends becomes increasingly competitive. Merely clocking in extensive playtime doesn’t ensure success. We’re all familiar with the frustration of being “hard stuck,” where despite years of dedication, improvement remains elusive.

Improving at the game without shelling out for coaching is entirely feasible. Various online resources and tools can lend a hand, with Mobalytics standing out among them. Its comprehensive databases highlight the current meta’s powerhouse champions, while its interactive platform offers personalized guidance during gameplay.

Mobalytics’ analytical prowess isn’t confined to Summoner’s Rift alone; it extends to Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra as well. Despite the absence of LoLKing, platforms like continue to empower players seeking improvement. simplifies the process of studying item builds and masteries utilized by fellow players, including renowned League of Legends content creators.

Replicating the same success as others with their chosen build paths and masteries is a rare feat. However, being armed with such insights proves invaluable in navigating specific matchups. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for newcomers unable to dedicate hours to watching professionals or streamers in their quest for improvement.

how much time I spend on LOL

How much time do people usually spend playing League of Legends?

Riot Games recently unveiled data illustrating that the average League of Legends player devotes around 832 hours to the game, equating to nearly 35 consecutive days of gameplay—an impressive feat indeed. However, it’s imperative to acknowledge that these figures are mere averages, with individual players’ levels of engagement varying considerably.

For veteran players deeply entrenched in the game’s universe, their time investment may surpass the norm by leaps and bounds. Such enthusiasts might find themselves spending countless days navigating the virtual battlefields of League of Legends.

This prolonged commitment underscores the game’s profound allure and the immersive journey it provides for its dedicated player community.

These statistics not only underscore the significant impact of League of Legends on the gaming realm but also emphasize its status as a powerhouse in the esports industry. Moreover, they underscore its role as a cultural phenomenon, continuing to enthrall players worldwide with its captivating gameplay and ever-evolving universe.