dark souls name generator

How To Change Username In Dark Soul 2?

Here’s how to change your character’s name in Dark Souls using Cheat Engine:

Prepare Your Game and Tools

  • Launch Dark Souls and load your save game. Make sure no in-game menus are open.
  • Press Alt-Tab to switch out of the game.
  • Download Cheat Engine from [http://www.cheatengine.org/](http://www.cheatengine.org/). Install it, but don’t worry, we won’t use it for cheating.

Set Up Cheat Engine

  • Open Cheat Engine and go to File -> Open Process.
  • Select DarkSoulsII.exe.
  • Set Value Type to String and check the ‘Unicode’ box.

Find and Change Your Character Name

  • In the Value field, type your current character name exactly.
  • Click the First Scan button. Results should appear in the left pane, usually three (more if a menu is open).
  • Enter the new name you want, making sure it has the same number of characters as the old name.
  • Repeat this for all instances found. Changing the first location might not show any change, but the second should. To be safe, change all instances.

dark souls name generator

Confirm the Name Change in Game

  • Return to the game and go to the Player Info screen. Your new name should appear.
  • Trigger a save by traveling to a bonfire or dying.

Congratulations, your character’s name is now changed!

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About Dark Soul II

Developed by FROM SOFTWARE, DARK SOULS™ II is the eagerly awaited sequel to the challenging 2011 hit, Dark Souls. This unique, old-school action RPG captured the imaginations of gamers worldwide with its intense difficulty and emotional rewards. 

Players were drawn to its incredible challenges, rewarding those who persevered with a profound sense of accomplishment.

DARK SOULS™ II continues the series’ tradition of deep, mysterious storytelling and gripping gameplay innovations. It offers an immersive experience in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The game maintains the franchise’s renowned sense of obscurity, where every corner hides a potential threat or secret, encouraging players to explore and uncover its many mysteries.

In DARK SOULS™ II, you will embark on a dark and treacherous journey. Prepare to face overwhelming enemy encounters that test your skills and strategy. The game is filled with diabolical hazards that require careful planning and quick reflexes. 

The unrelenting challenge that FROM SOFTWARE is known for will keep you on the edge of your seat, offering a gameplay experience that is both punishing and rewarding.

dark souls name generator

The game’s atmosphere is hauntingly beautiful, with detailed environments that pull you into its dark fantasy world. 

Each area is crafted with care, providing a sense of immersion that few games can match. The multiplayer component adds another layer of depth, allowing players to cooperate or compete with each other, further enhancing the overall experience.

Join the dark journey in DARK SOULS™ II and experience a world where every victory feels earned, every defeat teaches a lesson, and every moment is filled with tension and excitement. 

Only FROM SOFTWARE can deliver such an intense and memorable adventure. Prepare yourself for the ultimate test of perseverance and skill.