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EA Sports FC Release Date

When Will EA Sports FC Release?

EA Sports FC is scheduled to be released on September 29, 2023. The anticipation for the EA Sports FC release date has been growing among fans eager to experience the latest in football simulation games.

As the date approaches, gamers and football enthusiasts are looking forward to diving into the new features, enhanced graphics, and improved gameplay mechanics that EA Sports FC promises to deliver.

This release is particularly significant as it marks a new chapter in the franchise, expected to bring innovative changes to the virtual football landscape.

EA Sports FC: Expected Price

The expected price for EA Sports FC is $69.99. This price point is set for the Standard Edition of the game, providing access to a wide range of features and gameplay options. The pricing strategy reflects the game’s value in offering a comprehensive and immersive football simulation experience.

This cost aligns with the industry standards for AAA titles, ensuring that players receive a high-quality product that justifies the investment.

EA Sports

The Official Dates And Times For EA Sports FC

The official release dates and times for EA Sports FC are as follows:

US East Coast1:00 PM EST
US West Coast10:00 AM PST
Europe7:00 PM CEST
Japan3:00 AM JST (September 30)
Australia6:00 AM AEDT (September 30)
New Zealand8:00 AM NZDT (September 30)

These timings ensure that players from different parts of the world can start playing the game at the earliest opportunity on the release date.

This global rollout plan demonstrates the publisher’s commitment to providing a synchronized launch, allowing the international gaming community to begin their journey in EA Sports FC simultaneously.

EA Sports FC Crossplay/Cross Platform

EA Sports FC  support crossplay or cross-platform play. This decision impacts how players across different gaming platforms will interact with each other within the game environment.

While this might be seen as a limitation in fostering a unified community of players, it also allows the developers to optimize the gaming experience for each specific platform.

Ensuring that the game runs smoothly and efficiently on each system can enhance the overall gameplay experience, making it more enjoyable for players.

EA Sports FC Crossplay

EA Sports FC: Gameplay

EA Sports FC is a football simulation game that features realistic gameplay, authentic player and team data, and a variety of game modes. The game aims to deliver an immersive experience that simulates the complexities and excitement of professional football.

Players can expect improved AI, more realistic player movements, and enhanced physics that bring the game closer to the real-life sport. With a focus on strategic gameplay and tactical depth, EA Sports FC offers a challenging and rewarding experience for both casual gamers and hardcore football fans.

EA Sports FC Editions

EA Sports FC will be available in three editions:

  • Standard Edition: Includes the base game.
  • Champions Edition: Includes the base game, early access to the game, and a variety of in-game content.
  • Ultimate Edition: Includes the base game, early access to the game, a variety of in-game content, and a limited-edition physical or digital collectible.

These editions cater to different player preferences and budgets, offering a range of options to enhance the gaming experience. The additional content and early access provided in the higher-tier editions add value for players looking for more from their EA Sports FC experience.

EA Sports FC Editions

EA Sports FC System Requirements

To ensure the best gameplay experience, the following system requirements are recommended:

  • Minimum:
    • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
    • CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
    • RAM: 8GB
    • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti or AMD Radeon R7 260
    • Storage: 50GB
  • Recommended:
    • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
    • CPU: Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD Ryzen 5 2600
    • RAM: 16GB
    • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580
    • Storage: 100GB

Meeting these requirements ensures that players can enjoy EA Sports FC with optimal performance and graphical fidelity. It’s important for players to check their system specifications against these requirements to ensure a smooth gaming experience.


EA Sports FC is a new football simulation game that is scheduled to be released on September 29, 2023. The game will be available in three editions: Standard Edition, Champions Edition, and Ultimate Edition.

The game will not support crossplay or cross-platform play, emphasizing its focus on delivering a high-quality experience tailored to each platform.

With realistic gameplay, various game modes, and detailed system requirements, EA Sports FC is set to offer an immersive football experience for fans around the world.


Will EA Sports FC Work On Xbox?

Yes, EA Sports FC will be available on Xbox consoles, ensuring that Xbox players can enjoy the latest in football simulation. The game’s compatibility with Xbox platforms means that a significant portion of the gaming community will have access to this highly anticipated title.

How many GB will EA Sports FC be?

EA Sports FC will require approximately 50GB of storage space. This size ensures that the game can deliver detailed graphics, extensive gameplay features, and a comprehensive football experience. Players should ensure they have sufficient storage available to accommodate the game and any future updates or downloadable content.

Is EA Sports FC out?

No, EA Sports FC is not out yet. The game is scheduled to be released on September 29, 2023, making it one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Fans are eagerly awaiting the chance to dive into the new features and improvements that EA Sports FC promises to bring to the football simulation genre.

Will EA Sports FC be the last game?

No, EA Sports FC is not the final installment in the series. The game will be followed by a new installment in the series in the future, continuing the legacy of this beloved football simulation franchise. The ongoing development of the series ensures that fans can look forward to more innovative and engaging football gaming experiences in the years to come.

Who owns the EA Sports FC franchise?

EA Sports owns the EA Sports FC franchise, maintaining its reputation for delivering high-quality sports simulation games. As a leading developer and publisher in the sports gaming industry, EA Sports is committed to evolving the franchise with each new release, ensuring that EA Sports FC remains at the forefront of football simulation gaming.