The Ultimate Guide to Elden Ring Soft Caps

Understanding “Elden Ring Soft Caps” is a crucial aspect of mastering Elden Ring, a game where every choice you make can impact your journey. This comprehensive guide will help you grasp the concept of soft caps and effectively utilize them to enhance your gaming experience.

Understanding Soft Caps in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, soft caps refer to specific thresholds in character stats. When you reach these caps, the incremental benefit from further investment in these stats starts diminishing. In other words, the more you invest past these caps, the less value you receive in return. Understanding and leveraging these caps is crucial to character development and resource optimization.

The Importance of Soft Caps

Why should you care about soft caps in Elden Ring? The answer lies in the game’s intricate RPG mechanics, where every stat point matters. By understanding the soft caps, you can wisely distribute your stat points to maximize your character’s potential without wasting any on diminishing returns.

Elden Ring Soft Caps for Each Attribute

In Elden Ring, each attribute has its own soft caps. Here, we’ll break down these caps for each attribute to help you plan your stat distribution effectively.


Vigor primarily affects your character’s HP. The soft caps for Vigor are at 40 and 60.


Mind influences your Focus Points (FP). The soft caps for Mind are at 55 and 60.


Endurance affects your Stamina and Equip Load. Its soft caps are at 50 for Stamina and 25/60 for Equip Load.


Strength impacts your physical damage. Its soft caps are at 20, 55, and 80.


Dexterity improves your finesse and speed. The soft caps for Dexterity are at 20, 55, and 80.


Intelligence influences your attack rating and sorcery scaling. Its soft caps are at 20/50/80 for Attack Rating and 60/80 for Sorcery Scaling.


Faith affects your attack rating and incantation scaling. Its soft caps are at 20/50/80 for Attack Rating and 60/80 for Incantation Scaling.


Arcane impacts your attack rating and incantation scaling, including hybrid catalysts. Its soft caps are at 20/55/80 for Attack Rating, 60/80 for Incantation Scaling, and 30/45 for Incantation Scaling Hybrid Catalysts.

Why are Soft Caps Essential in Elden Ring?

Soft caps are essential in Elden Ring as they provide a guideline for effective stat allocation. They represent points of diminishing returns, where further investment in a particular stat will yield lesser benefits. By understanding these caps, players can strategically distribute their points across different attributes and avoid wasting points on stats that won’t significantly boost their performance.

Avoiding Soft Caps: Pros and Cons

Is it beneficial to avoid soft caps in Elden Ring? It depends on your character build and gameplay style. Avoiding soft caps may allow you to diversify your stat distribution and build a more balanced character. However, it could also lead to missed opportunities to maximize a particular attribute’s potential. Weigh the pros and cons based on your specific gameplay strategy.

Elden Ring Soft Cap Cheat Sheet 2023

Keeping track of all the soft caps can be challenging. Here’s a quick cheat sheet for your reference:

  • Vigor: 40/60
  • Mind: 55/60
  • Endurance: 50 (Stamina), 25/60 (Equip Load)
  • Strength: 20/55/80
  • Dexterity: 20/55/80
  • Intelligence: 20/50/80 (Attack Rating), 60/80 (Sorcery Scaling)
  • Faith: 20/50/80 (Attack Rating), 60/80 (Incantation Scaling)
  • Arcane: 20/55/80 (Attack Rating), 60/80 (Incantation Scaling), 30/45 (Incantation Scaling Hybrid Catalysts)


What are Elden Ring Soft Caps?

Elden Ring Soft Caps refer to certain thresholds in character stats. Once these thresholds are reached, the benefits from further investment in these stats begin to diminish.

Why are Soft Caps important in Elden Ring?

Soft Caps are crucial for efficient stat allocation. They prevent players from wasting stat points on diminishing returns and help in maximizing the character’s potential.

What is the Soft Cap for Strength in Elden Ring?

The Soft Caps for Strength in Elden Ring are at 20, 55, and 80.

How do I effectively utilize Soft Caps in Elden Ring?

Understanding your gameplay style and character build is key to utilizing Soft Caps effectively. Once you know the Soft Caps for each attribute, you can strategically distribute your stat points to maximize each attribute’s potential.

Should I avoid reaching Soft Caps in Elden Ring?

Whether to avoid reaching Soft Caps in Elden Ring depends on your gameplay strategy. While avoiding Soft Caps can allow for a more balanced stat distribution, it could also mean missing out on maximizing a specific attribute’s potential.

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