Is Black Ops 3 Cross Platform/Crossplay in 2024? Find Out

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Black Ops 3 Cross Platform or Crossplay in 2023

Is Black Ops 3 cross-platform in 2024?

Unfortunately, the answer to “Is Black Ops 3 cross-platform?” is a resounding no. As of 2024, the game does not support Cross-platform play.

This means that players on PlayStation cannot compete with those on Xbox or PC, and vice versa. Each platform stands as its isolated community.

Why is Black Ops 3, not Cross-Playable or Platform?

Why is Black Ops 3, not Cross-Playable or Platform?

The cross-play feature was less prevalent when Black Ops 3 was released in 2015. The gaming industry
was beginning to explore bridging different platforms.

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Most importantly, technical challenges
associated with coordinating other gaming platforms were probably the most significant obstacles.

Black Ops 3 Crossplay – What Are The Chances?

As much as fans might want it, the odds of Black Ops 3 becoming cross-platform seem slim. The reasons are tied to the game’s age and the fact that newer entries in the Call of Duty series, such as Modern Warfare and Warzone, have already implemented crossplay.

Black Ops 3 Crossplay Rumors

Black Ops 3 Crossplay Rumors

Rumors about potential crossplay for Black Ops 3 have persisted despite the odds.

Some believe that as crossplay becomes more common, Activision might revisit older games to update them with this feature. However, no official statement or plan has been announced by the game’s developer or publisher.

Is Black Ops 3 cross-progression?

No, Black Ops 3 does not support cross-progression. This feature, which allows players to carry over their progress from one platform to another was also not commonly available when Black Ops 3 was released.

Is Black Ops 3 Cross-Generation?

Black Ops 3 Progression System

Yes, Black Ops 3 is cross-generation, meaning it is playable across different generations of a single platform. For example, if you purchased the game for PlayStation 4, you could also play it on PlayStation 5.

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However, no cross-generation multiplayer features exist, so you cannot play with friends on different platforms.

How To Play Black Ops 3 On Split Screen?

Unfortunately, playing Black Ops 3 on split-screen isn’t as straightforward as in previous Call of Duty titles. While the game launched with split-screen functionality, it was later removed due to technical limitations and performance issues.


In conclusion, as much as players would like to see cross-platform support for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, it is currently not a game feature, and there are no indications that it will be added.

While the Call of Duty franchise has embraced cross-play for its more recent titles, the same cannot be said for older entries in the series. As for Black Ops 3, players must continue enjoying the game within their respective platforms.


1. Is Black Ops 3 Cross Platform in 2024?

No, Black Ops 3 is not cross-platform in 2024.

2. Why is Black Ops 3 not cross-platform?

Due to technical constraints and development decisions, Black Ops 3 does not support cross-platform play.

3. Is Black Ops 3 cross-progression available?

No, Black Ops 3 does not support cross-progression.

4. Can I play Black Ops 3 with friends on different consoles?

No, multiplayer gameplay in Black Ops 3 is limited to players on the same platform.

5. Will Black Ops 3 receive crossplay support in the future?

There are no official announcements regarding crossplay support for Black Ops 3.

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6. Is Black Ops 3 playable on both older and newer consoles?

Yes, Black Ops 3 is cross-generation and can be played on the same platform’s older and newer consoles.

7. How can I play Black Ops 3 in split-screen mode?

Instructions for playing Black Ops 3 in split-screen mode can be found in the game’s documentation or online guides.

8. Are there any plans for crossplay in future Call of Duty games?

Future Call of Duty games may have crossplay features, but it depends on the decisions of the developers and publishers.

9. Can I transfer my progress from Black Ops 3 to a different platform?

Cross-progression is not supported in Black Ops 3, so you cannot transfer your progress between platforms.

10. Is crossplay common in other Call of Duty games?

New Call of Duty games like Modern Warfare and Warzone have implemented crossplay functionality.