Pokies: Unlocking Success with Expert Tips and Strategies

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Pokies: Unlocking Success with Expert Tips and Strategies

For keen gamblers or those who like testing lady luck in their free time, online slots or ‘pokies’ have become synonymous with the best online casinos on the internet. However, with so many pokies to choose from, and so many ways to play them, learning your way around an online slot game and cashing out can be easier said than done.

One esteemed pokie expert, Betkiwi author Mallie Hill, has over half a decade of experience in the field of online slot machines. With the below expert tips, you can finesse your pokie strategy, and be well on your way to achieving success. 

Maximise Potential Winnings by Playing Higher Denominations

Pokie experts know that higher denomination spins have the potential of paying more than low denomination ones. It makes sense then that by playing higher denomination spins, you greatly maximize your potential winnings.

What does this look like in action? Well, if you’re faced with two $1 bets or a single $2 bet, go with the single $2… while this trick works well if luck is on your side, higher denominations usually mean you’ll get through your bankroll a little bit more quickly, so if you’re planning to have a longer gambling session, it might be worth doing a mix of higher and lower.

Reap the Maximum Reward by Betting the Maximum

If you’ve been drawn in by a pokie game advertising a gigantic maximum payout, you’re not alone. Online slot machines entice players with the opportunity to go home with their pockets full of cash, however, this maximum price is often only achievable if you’re betting the maximum, too.

While lower staking spins will still be eligible for the same stake as bigger stakes, your payout will be a lot less. Put simply, if the big win is the only thing you’ll settle for from your session, it might be worth betting the maximum you can. 

More Complicated Games Have Lower Odds

For pokies with lower odds, look no further than complicated multiline slots with bonus rounds. More features often signify more symbols which may also lower the odds as well. These pokies are best for small consistent wins which can, of course, all add up.

They’re also a good bet for unlocking bonus rounds or free spins. While many might favour the simplicity of simple slots, like the ones with single-line bets and only three reels, others find these multi-line slot machines very rewarding. It’s all about player preference, after all. 

Try Before You Buy

Testing the games before you wager any money will help you find out more about a pokie’s bonus features, how the pokie plays and whether you like it or not. Many casinos offer players the chance to try pokies with free spins, helping them play for fun and get a handle on how everything works first. After you’ve familiarised yourself with the pokie, you can start playing for real money – or else try another machine if you didn’t get on with your free spin beforehand. 

Hot and Cold Streaks Don’t Exist…

Pokies are entirely random, it’s true. They run on Random Number Generators (RNG) which means there’s absolutely nothing true in the rumours of hot and cold streaks. The only thing worth paying attention to is the fact that every pokie spin will reset the chances. In other words, don’t trick yourself into thinking you’re due a big win because you haven’t won anything recently. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that!

Pokies: Unlocking Success with Expert Tips and Strategies

.. But Tight Machines Aren’t a Myth

Pokies tend to be either loose or tight; loose slots pay out more frequently and with more money, while tight slots tend to pay out less frequently – and with fewer winnings. However, when it comes to regulated online casinos, all slot games are rigorously tested before being put online.

Not only does this ensure fairness among players, but it helps reassure them that even those loose and tight slots exist in brick-and-mortar casinos and gaming lounges, the outcomes online are based on a Random Number Generator, while the expected Return to Player percentage can be checked on all games.

Stop When You’re Not Having Fun Anymore

Pokies were designed for players to have fun, so when you’re not enjoying your time on the slots anymore, it’s better to stop there. Despite recent regulations in New Zealand to tackle gambling addiction, being addicted to playing online slots is still a massive problem in the country.

It’s recommended that players always play within their limits, and avoid chasing losses to break even – this could actually lead to an even bigger loss. Instead, if you’ve managed to get some great wins, set yourself a goal and stop your session once you’ve reached it. All regulated online casinos will have measures in place for promoting responsible gambling and helping those who think they have a gambling problem to get help.

Final Word

There’s a knack for winning big on pokies. By including some of above-mentioned expert tips into your gaming approach, you can definitely enhance the overall experience and increase your chances of succeeding in the exciting world of slot machines.