The Connection of Elden Ring and George R. R. Martin

The Connection of Elden Ring and George R. R. Martin

One of the most popular games in recent years, and a winner of the prestigious Game of the Year for 2022, had a bit of help from a renowned author. We are talking about the Elden Ring, a game that was developed by Hidetaka Miyazaki from FromSoftware, a game that was intended to lean on Dark Souls’ popularity.

Miyazaki had an idea to create an open-world game that would use the game mechanics and similar lore as their previous games. Considering the achievements of the game, we can say that the idea was good and the execution even better, but it couldn’t have been achieved without one of the most famous writers of today, George R. R. Martin.

The Story and Success of the Elden Ring

Elden Ring represents an action role-playing game, set in an open-world landscape of the Lands Between. The realm had a ruler named Queen Marika, whose task was to keep the Elden Ring safe. When Marika decided to shatter it, demigods (or her children) decided to fight for pieces, which ultimately corrupted them.

This event summons back the exiled ones, and gamers are commanding one of the Tarnished. They are tasked with restoring the Elden Ring by collecting its pieces from the demigods and trying to become the new Elden Lord.

The game is non-linear and due to the actions of the player, it can lead to one of the six possible endings. Considering that the game and the story are very complex, we can’t be sure which one is a good or bad ending. With the involvement of both Miyazaki and Martin, Elden Ring was a favorite for the win, like the favorites that can be found on exciting offers.

Their work was rewarded with an unbelievable total of 331 awards! 287 of them were from the media and 44 were from players. Due to this, the game will certainly go down in the record books as one of the most successful ones.

The Work of George R. R. Martin

One of the most renowned writers of our time is famous due to his incredible vision and unique style of writing. His past work is probably not a great recommendation for the creation of a realm with confusing areas and enemies. His biggest success is the epic fantasy A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of novels that are more famous by the title of the first book – A Game of Thrones.

This is a tale that found its way into the hearts of many readers, and even more fans with the HBO television series adaptation of his idea. It is important to state that we are still waiting for books six and seven, while the television adaptation has come to the end of its version of the story. Martin was influenced by the work of John R. R. Tolkien and H. P. Lovecraft, and their work inspired his series of novels.

The Connection of Elden Ring and George R. R. Martin

The Collaboration on Elden Ring

It was the admiration of Martin’s work that gave the idea to the game creator Hidetaka Miyazaki. He never intended to leave the job of writing the in-game narrative to anyone else, however Martin’s creative mind could be utilized. Mainly to give a more accessible narrative to this game in comparison to the previous releases of FromSoftware.

For that reason, Martin was given total freedom to create the backstory of this brand-new world. It may sound simple described in one sentence, however, Martin had a difficult task. He had to create the lore that expanded throughout the five thousand years.

To devise the characters, their powers, and conflicts. A complete history of the realm, with details that could achieve their peak in the game itself. All the main characters in the game had some clues about them, created by the genius of Martin himself and his vision.

Also, all that they experienced in that world for five thousand years led them to the Shattering event and created their state of body and mind that is faced by the players. It offers a whole new perspective on the characters and after that, it is combined with the vision of Miyazaki, who devises their conflicts and the unfolding of the story.


One of the most creative minds of our time, George R. R. Martin was one of the co-creators of the Elden Ring realm. Thanks to the vision and idea of the game’s creator Hidetaka Miyazaki, they combined their creativity and developed a game that was the best in the year of its release.

For the ones who played it, things might make more sense with this piece of information, as certain parts of the Lands Between resemble similar lore as the Lord of the Rings. Tolkien is one of Martin’s greatest inspirations, and we hope that people from the gaming industry continue to involve the best writers of our time to create amazing narratives for new games.