Fortnite Chapter 4 Leaks And Predictions

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Ready for what’s next? Here are the Fortnite Chapter 4 leaks, predictions, and wants to circulate in the online gaming community.

Fortnite Chapter 4 is just four days away!

With a new map, an unknown reality, the next chapter of the story just beyond the horizon, and the anticipation among Loopers at an all-time height, there’s no better time than now to get started.

As for what will be added to Fortnite, we will have to wait and see but we can predict a massive surge in Live player count Fortnite with the release.

Here is a collection of rumored leaks and predictions that fans would like to see in the new Chapter 4.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Leaks And Predictions Current Running List

Fortnite Chapter 4

A First-Person Mode

The first-person mode will be added to Fortnite Battle Royale in Chapter 4. But Epic Games hasn’t confirmed it yet.

As the main focus of Fortnite Chapter 4 has been shifted from third-to-first-perspective gameplay to creative 2.0, the first-player experience is secondary at this point. Still, we’ll see how developers implement it in-game.

A Better Winterfest

With Fortnite Chapter 4 set to launch next month, fans of the game hope the new season brings some exciting changes to the popular battle royale title.

As before, the island will be covered with snowy terrain at the start, but as time passes, it’ll melt to unveil more POIs. However, since Winterfest 2020 was so fun, we expect the event to be even better than last year.

A Better Winterfest

New Weapon: Shotguns

It makes sense that a sniper rifle could kill someone from a close-up, so why not let people use shotguns to do the same thing? If there was ever a weapon needed to return to the game, it’s the pump shotgun.

While this change would be practical for new players, it would also be frightening. However, if snipers can one-shot eliminate their opponents, why they shouldn’t allow one-shot elimination with a shotgun doesn’t hold water. So it remains to be seen whether Epic Games will consider this suggestion.

New Weapon Shotguns

Increased Anime Collabs

As Fortnite continues to grow in popularity, so will the number of different character designs added to the game. Now that we’ve seen some of the most requested ones, Epic Games may be working on adding even more.

Naruto and Dragon Ball fans are hoping for One Piece and Attack on Titans’ next chapter. If recent reports are accurate, we could see them join together soon.

Increased Anime Collabs

Original Graphics

Because the original version of Fortnite ran on Unreal Engine 4, some players feel nostalgic for the old graphics. However, Epic Games has stated that they don’t plan to return the old pictures soon.

Indeed, there may not be any official plans to implement an OG graphic mode in Fortnite Chapter 5, but if Epic Games decided to add one, they could pull it off. However, it would probably take quite a bit of time to develop.

Original Graphics

Chapters 1 and 2 POIs

With Fortnite chapter four (supposedly) combining the best of both worlds, the community has been asking for some legacy POI names to be included on the new map. Names like Tomato Town, Neo tilted, and Pleasant Park is among their wishes.

As for now, we know that at least one POI from the past will appear in the Chapter 4 world, but it isn’t clear which ones will be included. Only Durr Burger has been confirmed so far because of the recent audio leaks.

Chapters 1 And 2 POIs

The Geno Character

Since appearing as a character within the Fortnite x Marvel comic series, Geno has become an essential part of the storyline. Everyone is curious about him.

As for now, we don’t know if he will eventually turn into a Battle Pass skin, but players might get to fight him in Fortnite Chapter 5. He may not look like Darth Vader, but his skill set and abilities could rival them.

The Geno Character

Klombo Beasts Return

When Klondike was first shown off in the Chapter 3 Season 2 trailer, Loopers assumed they’d be aggressive monsters in-game. But instead of being aggressive, these lumbering beasts quickly turned out to be one of the most beloved friendly characters in the metaverse. Unfortunately, by the time Chapter 4, Season 1 ended, they all died.

It’d be nice to see these things again should the Fortnite Chapter 4 leaks and predictions come to life!

Klombo Beasts Return