Is A Way Out Cross Platform? 

In A Way Out, players assume the roles of two inmates embarking on a daring escape from prison, navigating various obstacles and challenges throughout their journey. 

This action-adventure game is designed for cooperative gameplay, necessitating collaboration between you and a friend to progress. 

With the game’s emphasis on teamwork and camaraderie, one might inquire: does A Way Out offer support for crossplay?

In this comprehensive review, we aim to delve into this question and offer insights into the cross-platform capabilities of A Way Out.

is a way out cross platform

Does  A Way Out Support Cross play?

A Way Out’s cooperative experience hinges on you and your partner being on the same platform, since the game currently lacks crossplay functionality. 

This restriction applies to both the online and local co-op modes, hindering the flexibility of teaming up with friends who might own the game on a different system. 

While the game’s fanbase has expressed interest in cross-platform support, it doesn’t seem to be a high priority for the developers at the moment.

The lack of crossplay and cross-progression in A Way Out can be a major drawback for gamers who enjoy playing across various platforms. This limitation restricts who you can team up with, as you and your friend must both own the game on the same console or PC.  

Without cross-progression, any progress you make wouldn’t carry over if you decide to switch devices. This can be frustrating for players who value the flexibility of playing on different platforms.

The absence of crossplay is disappointing

A cloud of disappointment hangs over A Way Out fans as Hazelight Studios has yet to introduce crossplay functionality. The reasons behind this remain shrouded in mystery, sparking debate and speculation within the gaming community.  

is a way out cross platform

This lack of crossplay stands in stark contrast to Hazelight’s later title, It Takes Two, which features cross-progression. This inconsistency has led some to question the prioritization of online features during development for Hazelight Studios.

In A Way Out, just as successful escape from the confines of the prison hinges on teamwork and cooperation, so too does the game itself necessitate a unified front on the technological side. 

To embark on this cooperative adventure, both players must be tethered to the same gaming platform, mirroring the necessity for unity within the narrative. 

This restriction reflects the collaborative nature of the gameplay, where players must work together seamlessly to overcome obstacles and progress through the story.

A WAY OUT Gameplay

A Way Out offers a unique and immersive gameplay experience centered around cooperative play. Players assume the roles of two characters, Leo and Vincent, as they navigate through a gripping narrative filled with action-packed sequences and emotional moments. 

The game features a seamless split-screen mechanic, allowing both players to experience the story simultaneously from different perspectives. 

From stealthy infiltration to intense combat encounters, A Way Out delivers a diverse range of gameplay mechanics that keep players engaged throughout their journey to freedom. 

With its emphasis on teamwork and decision-making, A Way Out provides an unforgettable gaming experience for both players.