Is Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform?

Is Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform

The option for playing Sea of Thieves across different platforms gives players a special way to enjoy the game. It changes how people play together, letting those on Xbox and PC join forces on the high seas.

We’ll see why Sea of Thieves is loved by gamers. The cool art and fun gameplay make it special. Also, we’ll talk about how updates make it exciting for players who’ve played a lot.

Next, you’ll learn about playing games on different platforms and then we’ll look closely at how Sea Of Thieves does it. Finally, we’ll see how Sea Of Thieves compares to games like Subnautica for players who want something similar.

Is Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform?

Can Sea of Thieves be played with friends on Xbox and PC? Yes, it can. The game makers at Rare made it easy for players on both platforms to play together. You just need to finish a quick intro mission to get started. No need to mess with settings – the game takes care of matching players across platforms. 

This makes Sea of Thieves more fun for everyone. There’s even a special mode called Arena where teams can compete for treasure against the clock, and it’s all crossplay-compatible.

Sea of Thieves Crossplay  Set Up

To ensure your friends join your crew, even if they play on a different platform, follow these steps:

1. Choose “Adventure” from the main menu.

2. Pick either “Galleon” or “Brigantine” based on how many friends will join.

3. Select “Closed Crew.”

4. Look for the option to invite others, no matter their platform.

Sea of Thieves came out in 2018. By June 2023, more than 30 million people played it. It’s popular because of its cool art, big world, and multiplayer mode.

Is Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform?

The appeal of Sea of Thieves’ Visuals and gameplay

Besides the excitement of searching for treasure on undiscovered islands or fighting other pirates, Sea of Thieves stands out because of its unique look.

The game has cartoon-like graphics that are both simple and detailed, adding a fun feeling to the dangerous pirate world. Its bright colors are very different from the dark, serious tones usually found in sea adventures.

Aside from its captivating visuals, Sea of Thieves’ dynamic gameplay also plays a significant role in its popularity. Players have the option to team up with friends or embark on solo adventures across expansive seas teeming with mythical creatures and hidden treasures.

Refreshing the Game with Regular Updates

Sea of Thieves keeps players interested by updating the game often. These updates add new places to explore and fun features, like Tall Tales. Tall Tales are quests with stories that make the game more interesting.

The dedication to keeping the game content new makes players want to play more and builds a strong community. Players look forward to every new update.