Is Borderlands 2 Crossplay or Cross Platform? [2024 Guide]

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As a gaming enthusiast, if you are wondering: Is Borderlands 2 Crossplay or Cross Platform?

Then, you are at the right place. Read on!

Borderlands 2 Crossplay or Cross Platform

Is Borderlands 2 Cross Platform In 2024?

As of 2024, Borderlands 2 remains without cross-platform support. Players on different platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, cannot play together.

This has remained consistent throughout the game’s history, despite the advent of crossplay in other titles within the Borderlands series.

Why is Borderlands 2, not Cross-Playable/Platform?

The lack of cross-platform support for Borderlands 2 can be attributed to various technical and business considerations.

When the game was developed, cross-platform functionality was not a common feature in the industry. Implementing it now may require significant changes to the game’s architecture, a task that could be both time-consuming and costly.

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Borderlands 2 Crossplay – What Are The Chances?

While fans continue to hope for crossplay support, the chances of Borderlands 2 becoming cross-platform appear slim.

The developers have not shown any inclination to add this feature, focusing more on new titles and current technology standards.

It’s unlikely that resources will be allocated to implement crossplay in Borderlands 2 at this stage of its lifecycle.

Borderlands 2 Crossplay Rumors

Despite the official stance, rumors have occasionally surfaced regarding potential crossplay for Borderlands 2.

However, none of these rumors have been substantiated, and the developer has not made any official announcements to indicate that crossplay is on the horizon for this particular title.

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Is Borderlands 2 cross-progression?

Borderlands 2 does not support cross-progression either. Players cannot carry over their progress, such as character levels or in-game items, between different platforms.

Is Borderlands 2 Cross-Generation?

Borderlands 2 is cross-generation, meaning that it is available on both older and newer console generations. However, this does not extend to cross-platform play between different types of consoles or PC.

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How To Play Borderlands 2 On Split Screen?

Despite the lack of cross-platform capabilities, Borderlands 2 does support local split-screen play on consoles.

Players can enjoy cooperative gameplay on the same device, making it a popular choice for friends and family to play together.

Borderlands 2 On Split Screen


In conclusion, Borderlands 2 remains without cross-platform play as of 2024. Though some rumors and desires from the community exist, there is no indication that this feature will be implemented in the foreseeable future.

Players can still enjoy local split-screen functionality and engage in the thrilling cooperative gameplay that Borderlands 2 has to offer.


Is Borderlands 2 crossplay between PC and consoles?

No, Borderlands 2 does not support crossplay between any platforms, including PC and consoles.

Will Borderlands 2 ever become cross-platform?

As of 2024, there is no indication from the developers that Borderlands 2 will become cross-platform.

Does Borderlands 2 support cross-progression?

No, Borderlands 2 does not support cross-progression between different platforms.

Can I play Borderlands 2 on a split screen with my friends?

Yes, Borderlands 2 supports local split-screen play on consoles.

Is Borderlands 3 crossplay, while Borderlands 2 is not?

Yes, Borderlands 3 is crossplay between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, whereas Borderlands 2 is not.