Is Evil Dead Cross Platform?

Evil Dead: The Game, the highly anticipated multiplayer horror experience, has finally arrived. One of the most exciting features of the game is its crossplay support. Players can now enjoy the game together, regardless of their preferred gaming platform.

What is Crossplay in Evil Dead: The Game?

Crossplay in Evil Dead: The Game allows players on different platforms to play together seamlessly. This means that whether you’re on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S, you can team up with your friends and battle against the forces of evil.

The game’s crossplay feature breaks down the barriers between platforms. It enables players to expand their gaming circles and enjoy the game with a wider audience.

How to Enable or Disable Crossplay?

Enabling or disabling crossplay in Evil Dead: The Game is a straightforward process. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the game and navigate to the main menu
  2. Access the Settings menu by clicking on the corresponding option
  3. Within the Settings menu, locate and click on the Game tab
  4. In the Game tab, you will find the Crossplay option
  5. Check or uncheck the Crossplay option to enable or disable it according to your preference

Is Evil Dead Cross Platform?

By default, crossplay is enabled in Evil Dead: The Game. However, players have the flexibility to turn it off if they prefer to play only with others on the same platform.

Crossplay on Nintendo Switch

While Evil Dead: The Game is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, the developers have announced plans to bring the game to Nintendo Switch in the future. However, they have not provided a specific release date for the Switch version yet.

Once the game launches on Nintendo Switch, it is expected to support crossplay with other platforms as well. This will allow Switch players to join in on the action and play alongside their friends on other consoles and PC.

Playing Co-op with Friends

Evil Dead: The Game offers an exciting co-op experience that allows players to team up with their friends and take on the Deadites together. To play co-op with your friends, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu, select the “Survivor vs Demon” option
  2. Choose either “Play as Survivor” or “Private Match” depending on your preference
  3. If you selected “Play as Survivor,” you will be matched with other players automatically
  4. If you chose “Private Match,” you can invite your friends to join your lobby

With crossplay support, you can invite friends from any platform to join your game. This opens up endless possibilities for co-op play and allows you to enjoy the game with your friends, regardless of their preferred gaming device.

Experience the Horror Together

Evil Dead: The Game brings the iconic horror franchise to life in a thrilling multiplayer setting. With crossplay support, players can now experience the game’s intense action, strategic gameplay, and terrifying atmosphere together, regardless of their chosen platform.

Whether you’re a fan of the Evil Dead franchise or simply love multiplayer horror games, Evil Dead: The Game offers a unique and immersive experience that is enhanced by its crossplay functionality. So, gather your friends, choose your platform, and prepare to face the Deadites together in this unforgettable gaming adventure.