Is Golf With Your Friends: Cross-Platform In 2024?

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The high-octane world of multiplayer gaming is often a battlefield of twitch reflexes and strategic thinking, dominated by genres like battle royales, MMORPGs, and FPS shooters. 

In stark contrast, Golf With Your Friends takes a laid-back approach, offering a breath of fresh air for players seeking a more casual experience. 

While it may not crack the top billing in terms of player count, this quirky multiplayer title carves out its own space as a delightful and relaxing sports game. 

Here, competition fades into the background, replaced by the simple joy of a virtual round of golf with friends – perfect for unwinding after a long day or fostering friendly competition in a stress-free environment.

is golf with friends cross platform

While fast-paced sports games like football, cricket, and basketball dominate the gaming landscape, golf carves a different path.  Its slower pace and emphasis on precision might not hold universal appeal. 

Yet, for those who appreciate its laid-back approach, golf-themed titles like Golf With Your Friends offer a surprisingly delightful experience. Especially when enjoyed with friends, these games can provide a welcome escape from the usual frenetic multiplayer mayhem.

Does Golf With Your Friends Support Cross-Platform Play in 2024?

Unfortunately, as of 2023, Golf With Your Friends does not support cross-platform play. It’s disappointing that a game titld “Golf With Your Friends” doesn’t offer the ability to play with friends on different devices.

If all your friends have the same console, that’s convenient as you can play together seamlessly. However, if your friends usedifferent devices, they won’t be able to join your game. The only way for them to play with you is if they switch to the same console you have. 

While many modern games enable cross-platform play, Golf With Your Friends is not among them.What’s the Reason Behind the Lack of Cross-Platform Play?

Many gamers desire cross-platform play to ensure inclusivity across different devices, but achieving this feat is complex and resource-intensive. Golf With Your Friends was developed by a small team, dedicated four years to refining the game before its launch. 

Console and PC gaming systems operate on distinct technologies, presenting challenges such as control latency and performance optimization when integrating them for cross-platform compatibility.

Developers aim for fair gameplay experiences for all users. However, for smaller games with fewer players, implementing cross-platform play may not be justifiable due to limited user engagement. 

As a result, the absence of cross-platform play in Golf With Your Friends can be attributed to these considerations.

is golf with friends cross platform

Possibilities Ahead?

While Golf With Your Friends currently lacks cross-platform play, there’s a possibility for this to change in the future. 

Some players are eager for the opportunity to enjoy the game with friends on various devices. However, there’s no indication yet of when or if this feature will be implemented.

Is Cross-Platform Play Anticipated for Golf With Your Friends?

The potential for cross-platform play in Golf With Your Friends remains uncertain. Developers have not addressed the addition of this feature, suggesting it may not be imminent.

However, there is considerable interest among players in cross-platform functionality, which could enhance the game’s accessibility and community engagement. 

While the absence of cross-platform play is noticeable presently, future updates might introduce this sought-after feature.

About Golf With Your Friends

Developed by Backlight Interactive, Golf With Your Friends is the brainchild of an Australian game developer. 

Originating from humble beginnings, Backlight Interactive began as a small studio founded by three brothers, showcasing the game’s roots in passion and dedication rather than corporate backing or resources.

Initially launched as an early version in 2016, Golf With Your Friends underwent nearly four years of development before reaching completion in 2020. 

Available on multiple platforms including PC, Xbox One, PS4, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch, the game’s concept may seem straightforward, but its journey to fruition was marked by dedication and perseverance.

You have the option to engage with as many as 12 players across 13 distinct and challenging levels. Within each level, you’ll discover 18 holes awaiting your skill and strategy, culminating in an impressive total of 234 holes to conquer.

Continuing your gameplay journey, you’ll gradually unlock various customization options to personalize the appearance of your golf balls. Additionally, the game offers a level editor feature, allowing players to craft their own custom levels. 

These user-created levels can then be shared and played with friends, adding a layer of creativity and endless fun to the gaming experience.

Given its multiplayer nature, it’s natural to want to enjoy Golf With Your Friends alongside your companions. However, the question arises: is cross-platform play supported? Can you engage in rounds of Golf With Your Friends with buddies who are on different gaming systems?