Over 20 God of War Ragnarok Game Tips

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Even if you are missing the game, these God of War Ragnarok game tips can be put to use as soon as you get your hands on it! And what do we mean by that? Read on!

If you bought the God of War: Ragnarok collector’s edition, you might be disappointed that you don’t get a copy of the game itself. Instead, you’re given two pieces of extra downloadable material, which are supposed to come packaged together.

However, some people who purchased the collector’s edition are finding that they’re not receiving either piece of DLC at all. Some users on Twitter have been chiming in.

Regardless if you are missing the game or not, as soon as you get it, you can try one of these God of War Ragnarok game tips to make the most of your gameplay!

God of War Ragnarok

Here Are Some God of War Ragnarok Game Tips To Put To Use

Before you play through Ragnarök for the first time, here are a few things to keep in mind from me, someone who’s already completed it. One easy way to avoid waiting too long between two cut scenes is to take a short bathroom break before starting the next one.

You can swipe up quickly to see where you want to go. In addition, the PlayStation 5 controller features an analog stick instead of a D-pad. While this may not sound like a change, it makes movement feel smoother and more precise. You can also use the posts to aim your weapon, though the lack of a zoom function means it’s best used sparingly.

One of the first skills you can unlock is the ability to charge your weapon with ice. Ice weapons deal extra damage and are helpful if you’re trying to kill enemies quickly. So whenever you can freeze something, please take advantage of it! And later on, once you’ve unlocked Sprint, you can also ice up your weapon while running around, so you can attack multiple targets at once.

During battles, enemies may occasionally leave behind health pickups. However, if you’re lucky enough to find one early in action, you should keep it around until you’ve fully healed. Health pickups aren’t instrumental when you’re dead, so waiting to grab them won’t hurt much.

Not too far into your journey, you’ll come across a side quest where you must mine for resources. Go ahead, take a break from doing so, and head towards the Dwarven Mines instead. It would be best if you got the materials needed to make the Nidavellir Set of Armour. This armor gives you a nice boost to your life bar whenever you execute an enemy with R3. Use this to help out in those tough fights!

It’s easy to ignore the blocking and dodging, especially if you’re starting. You’ll get better at it soon enough, though, and then you won’t have to worry about those pesky blocks anymore. And once you’ve mastered the art of blocking and dodging, you can move on to swinging your cool axe and chainsaw.

Sometimes you may kill what you think is your final opponent, but the battle music continues to play, and you cannot access any items. This is not a glitch; instead, a single foe is most likely lingering somewhere. An easy way to locate him is by pressing the X button and using Atreus’ arrow attack to find him, as he will shoot his weapon in the direction of the rogue player.

When upgrading Atreus’ skills, please focus on the skills that make him more aggressive, increase his ability to deal damage, and provide him with new ways to attack and defend against opponents. These upgrades will make him far more effective in combat.

Early on, you’ll be able to unlock an attack for your Blade of Chaos named “Hyperion Grappe.” You’ll see a chain above the target when you use this move. Then, you can press the left bumper to launch toward the target, dealing heavy damage. This is useful because it lets you perform executions when you don’t have enough health to kill them otherwise.

While your axes and blades are fantastic, remember that Kratos’ fists do more knockback than regular punches, so they fill up that knockback gauge under enemies’ health bar.

Some enemies, like armored Traveler types, are better to hit with punches rather than slashes because once they’re knocked down, they become easier targets for other attacks.

God of War Ragnarok Game Tips

But Wait, There’s More!

Relatively late in development, you’ll receive a new tool: a magic spear. I won’t reveal how you acquire it, but it’s pretty cool and helpful. What gives this spear its power is that you can throw enchanted copies of it forever, granting Kratos an effective range attack.

With the spear, he can also stab foes, which Kratos then explodes when you press A. All of this is great, and you should work hard to improve your spear as soon as possible after unlocking it.

The spear isn’t only a great sword and solves later game puzzles. All those small air vents in various areas? They can’t be opened until you obtain the spear. Come back again with it to open them.

They can be found in various locations throughout the game and are valuable. Each one contains an assortment of items and upgrades, allowing you to improve all your god-killing equipment. Keep an incredibly close watch for Nornir chests, which are dark blue and require a rune to unlock. These contain health and fury upgrades.

As long as you’re not using up too many hacksilver and craft materials, feel free to sell anything you don’t need. You can always re-create it later.

And don’t worry if you end up loving some items but not others; sell them to help increase the things you’re already using.

After you’ve found items, you can sell them to blacksmith shops. You won’t get punished for selling items to these shops. On the contrary, the shop owner might reward you for your efforts. Sell everything you can!

Whenever you kill an enemy, check your skill levels. If you’ve been playing for a while, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to upgrade one or two skills.

There’s a lot to do in these video games. (There’s probably way too much stuff to play with.) One thing to play with is your weapons, which you can equip up to three times per weapon. Upgrading these weapons can improve their powerful special attacks in several fabulous fashions.

God of War Ragnarok tips

Upgrade Your Skills, Complete The Challenge

Wait, there’s something else to improve. Throughout the game, you’ll work toward completing challenges that link to various abilities. Then, when you’ve finished every level of a particular task, you can upgrade that specific skill.

So, for instance, my super awesome Hyperion pull power can be improved after you’ve used that move enough times, so it does even more knockback.

Choose one or two stats you care most about and focus on them. Okay, so all that stat boosting, armor management, and skill tweaking might look messy and difficult to follow. And it is! But fortunately, you can also mostly skip all of it and focus on two stats you’re interested in.

If you’re looking for something that lets you do tons of damage and has tons of health, then focus on items that increase your Vitalities and Strength. I did this and got to the final boss as a god-killing machine.

You can use hex arrows to freeze things without the axe being embedded. Do you see something that needs to be frozen? Then throw your axe at it. That’s simple enough. What if there were two items?

Well, you’d better not forget that you can also have a companion fire an arrow at something, like a giant wheel connected to a door, so that when you hit that, the wheel will stay frozen even after you’ve recalled your axe. And that’ll let you ice two different objects at once!

If you’re lucky enough to have the PlayStation 5 (PS5) version, use its visual options entirely. In particular, if your television supports it, set the game to run at 120 frames per second. That’ll really wow people.

If you want to play games at 60 fps, go into the game settings and choose “performance mode” and “high frame rate mode.” Then, voila! You, too, can play games at an impressive 60 frames per second.

To enjoy the game, you don’t need to know how God of War does any of these things. All you need to know is that you can play through the entire game without finishing every quest.

And it would be best if you kept going even after the game ends because there are some fun times and conversations to be had once everything is said and gone using these God of War Ragnarok game tips the next time you play.