Is League of Legends Dying? A Look at Its Current State

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Released in 2009, League of Legends has been a favourite in the MOBA scene. However, as with any long-standing game, questions about its longevity and relevance often arise, with the question: “Is League Dying?” constantly floating around. With the claims of its fall, we’ll check the actual state of the game to see if the question is true or false.

Player Base and Growth

One of the most indicative indicators of a game’s health is its active player base. Contrary to the notion that League of Legends is declining, our player counter statistics tell a different story! As of 2024, over 200 million players log in monthly to engage in casual and ranked matches. This number shows a significant increase from previous years, with a lift from 2023 alone.

Regionally, the game continues to boast impressive player numbers, with China leading with 75 million players, followed by significant counts in Europe and North America. Such numbers reflect a thriving game and underscore its global appeal and sustained interest across diverse demographics.

Is League of Legends Dying? A Look at Its Current State

And it’s not just the active player base that is increasing; third-party services and gaming platforms such as igitems have seen a significant increase in visitors, leading us to believe steady growth and money are pouring into the game, which is a positive sign of growth.  

Esports Growth

Esports is another realm where League of Legends not only survives but thrives! The annual World Championship and Mid-Season Invitational draw millions of viewers worldwide. For instance, the 2024 MSI averaged nearly 800,000 viewers per game, with incremental hours watched in the tens of millions.

This strong viewership is a testament to the game’s competitive scene and Riot Games’ ability to keep the esports aspect engaging and competitive.

Despite a dip in viewership in regions like North America and Western Europe, international events continue to pull large audiences, suggesting a shift in watching habits rather than a decline in interest.

Is League of Legends Dying? A Look at Its Current State

Challenges and Controversies

No game is without its challenges. Recently, introducing a “gacha”-like chest system, named hextech crafting in cosmetic sales sparked controversy, highlighting the delicate balance Riot must maintain to monetize while keeping the player base content.

The reaction from the community has been mixed, with some threatening boycotts, yet it has had little impact on the overall player counts. The same can be said for the recent Faker Ahri skin, and whilst we did see ban rates for Ahri increase during this time in protest of the pricing, the player base has remained strong. 

Is League of Legends Dying? A Look at Its Current State

Innovations and Updates

Riot Games’ commitment to evolving League of Legends is evident through continuous updates, new champion releases, and events. League also frequently adds new content, such as missions and frequent meta changes, keeping the game fresh for new and veteran players.

Moreover, Riot’s expansion of the League universe into other media, like card games, a fighting game, and an animated series with the hit show Arcane, also helps maintain interest and attract a broader audience.

Riot has also implemented regular technological updates to enhance gameplay and preserve competitiveness. Recently, League of Legends introduced Riot Vanguard, a kernel-level anti-cheat system. While there were criticisms of privacy and performance, the majority seem happy with it due to better and fairer competitive games.

Additionally, Riot has improved the game’s matchmaking system, which uses algorithms to ensure fair play and balanced matches.

Is League of Legends Dying? A Look at Its Current State

Financial Performance and Market Impact

League of Legends’ acquisition by Tencent in 2011 completely changed its financial and market strategies. The partnership enabled Riot Games to leverage Tencent’s resources, enhancing its market reach, particularly in Asia, a significant MOBA market.

In-game purchases, particularly for digital content such as skins, continue to drive revenue growth, with Riot innovating how it markets and releases these items. Global esports tournaments, like the World Championship, generate substantial movement through advertising, broadcasting rights, and host city tourism.

Is League of Legends Dying? A Look at Its Current State


So, is League of Legends dying? The evidence strongly suggests no! Despite facing new competitors and inner challenges, LoL continues to grow, proving its resilience in the MOBA genre.

Undoubtedly, with Riot Games’ management and innovation from the game and players building apps, websites, and coaching for League of Legends, the game stands far from fading into namelessness.