Is Meeko legit? The Trending LOL AI

When it comes to using online applications, prioritizing your safety should always be your #1 concern, especially with the prevalence of scams and viruses.

In recent times, a companion AI for gamers named Meeko has risen in popularity immensely, with thousands of users rushing to use its services.

However, that begs the question of the app’s legitimacy as you don’t want to compromise your security by using any potentially harmful software.

What is Meeko and how does it work?

Is Meeko legit? The Trending LOL AI

Meeko is a powerful AI helper acting as an all-in-one League of Legends hub providing personalized guidance and insight into the game.

From optimizing your champion builds to delivering personalized player tips based on your recent performances, this bot is capable of helping you with just about anything League of Legends related.

All you need to do is ask and Meeko will swiftly analyze your prompt and provide you with tailored assistance powered by thorough data analysis.

The bot doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed as the current version runs through your Discord application as a bot. You can access Meeko through direct messages or by inviting it to your server, making it accessible to other server members as well.

If you want to try how the bot works before you add it to your Discord, you’re in luck! The Meeko browser platform also boasts a tester tool that allows you to test the bot’s services by using examples of its key functionalities.

Is Meeko legit?

If you were wondering about the legitimacy of this website and whether Meeko is a scam, you should have no concerns as it’s completely safe to use.

The main testament to the app’s trustworthiness is the fact that several thousand Discord servers and users use it daily and that Meeko has a large community that is constantly growing. 

Furthermore, the website’s creators are well-known figures in the online gaming community, having a registered company in Sweden as well as several previously successful projects.

Does this app break Riot’s ToS?

Not at all. Meeko does not use any data or perform any action that would breach Riot’s terms of service.  

Rather than breaching Riot’s ToS, Meeko leverages data Riot provides as it uses several functionalities that rely on Riot’s APIs, enhancing the capabilities of this AI assistant. 

All of the data is used in full compliance with Riot’s rules which ensures the full safety of your Riot and LoL account while you’re using this Discord bot.

How good is this AI?

Is Meeko legit? The Trending LOL AI

Regardless if you’re seeking general data or specific personalized tips, Meeko can provide you with an abundance of valuable information in only a few seconds. 

The fact that you can use all of this data at your fingertips to your advantage makes Meeko irreplaceable after you first start talking to it.

One of its main strengths is that it combines all of the functionalities other companion apps have into an ultimate LoL helper tool, as you can find everything League of Legends related in one place.

Is it safe to buy premium?

While Meeko’s services are free to use, subscriptions elevate the bot’s functionality to a new level, unlocking a range of improved features that will improve your experience.

That being said, purchasing subscriptions or any digital products nowadays is very tricky, especially if you’re buying from a completely new entity. This is because plenty of platforms and websites nowadays enforce payment methods that don’t protect your data or money.

Luckily, subscriptions are completely safe to purchase on Meeko as the platform uses Stripe to ensure the safety of your money and personal information throughout the transaction.

You shouldn’t have any concerns as Stripe is one of the most popular money-transferring services in the world, providing you with a range of payment options that adapt to your local currency.

Are the app’s positive reviews fake?

Is Meeko legit? The Trending LOL AI

Plenty of platforms these days fake their public image by manipulating reviews indenting to deceive users, which undermines the integrity and value of reviews overall.

However, all of Meeko’s positive reviews are completely genuine as thousands of Discord users and servers tested the application within its first two weeks of inception.

Most of the app’s public reception was overwhelmingly positive, with users praising Meeko’s functionalities, overall reliability, and seamless Discord integration. 

How do I contact the support team?

If you’re having any issues while using this Discord bot, the best way to contact the support team would be to join the official Meeko Discord server.

The server is open to anyone and once joined, you can message the customer support team by creating a new ticket in the support ticket text channel.

Apart from serving as a place where you can get technical help, joining the Meeko Discord server is a great way to stay up-to-date with the newest updates regarding the app as well as interact with the members of the community.