Is Minecraft Realms Crossplay or Cross Platform? [2024 Guide]

Is Minecraft Realms cross-platform? The burning question that has lingered on the minds of many gamers across the globe is finally answered in this 2024 guide.

As Minecraft continues to enthrall gamers of all ages, the need for crossplay has become more prevalent. Let’s delve into the depths of Minecraft Realms and its cross-platform capabilities.

Is Minecraft Realms Crossplay or Cross Platform? [2023 Guide]

Is Minecraft Realms Cross Platform?

Undoubtedly, Minecraft Realms supports cross-platform gameplay.

Players from different devices can seamlessly join the same Realm and share the adventure.

However, it’s imperative to ensure that everyone has the same version of the game.

Crossplay Minecraft Realms Release Date

Over the years, Minecraft Realms has seen multiple updates, but the definitive crossplay feature was highly anticipated.

Although an exact date is hard to pin down, it’s evident that in 2024, crossplay for Minecraft Realms is fully functional and operational.

Crossplay Minecraft Realms Release Date

Crossplay Minecraft Realms between PC and PS4/PS5

The integration between PC and PlayStation for Minecraft Realms is smooth.

Players from both platforms can seamlessly join the same Realm, making it easier than ever to collaborate and build together.

Furthermore, the harmonization efforts between these platforms have reduced latency issues and enhanced the gaming experience.

Crossplay Minecraft Realms between PC and Xbox One

Microsoft’s ownership of Minecraft ensures a fluid crossplay experience between PC and Xbox One.

With shared servers and an integrated interface, joining Realms between these platforms is a breeze.

Not to mention, the continuous updates by Microsoft enhance stability and reduce compatibility issues.

Crossplay Minecraft Realms between PC and Xbox One

Crossplay Minecraft Realms between Xbox One and PS4/PS5

Historically, Xbox and PlayStation have had their differences.

However, Minecraft Realms bridges this gap, allowing players from both consoles to come together in a shared world.

Collaborative projects and shared adventures have never been so accessible.

Crossplay Minecraft Realms between Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

With advancements in technology, the transition between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S is seamless.

Minecraft Realms supports crossplay between these platforms, ensuring that players have a consistent experience.

The next-gen capabilities of the Xbox Series X/S are optimized to run Minecraft Realms smoothly, enriching the gameplay.

Crossplay Minecraft Realms between Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

Crossplay Minecraft Realms between PS4 and PS5

The transition from PS4 to PS5 is effortless. Minecraft Realms has been optimized to ensure that players on both platforms can easily join the same Realm and play together.

The enhanced capabilities of PS5, such as ray tracing and faster load times, elevate the overall experience in the Realms.

How To Play Minecraft Realms On Split Screen?

Split-screen gameplay is an added feature that many players cherish.

To play Minecraft Realms on split-screen, ensure that both players are logged into their accounts.

Then, choose the split-screen option from the main menu and join the desired Realm.

This mode is perfect for local co-op adventures and collaborative building projects.

How To Play Minecraft Realms On Split Screen

Is Minecraft Realms Cross-Progression?

Yes, Minecraft Realms supports cross-progression.

This means that your progress in a Realm can be carried over across different platforms, ensuring continuity in your adventures.

Whether you’re switching from PC to console or vice versa, your achievements, builds, and resources remain intact.

Is Minecraft Realms Cross-Generation?

Minecraft Realms fully supports cross-generation gameplay, making it easier for players of different console generations to come together.

This feature is particularly important as gamers transition to the new generation of consoles.

Is Minecraft Realms Cross-Generation


Minecraft Realms in 2023 is a haven for cross-platform and cross-generation gameplay.

Whether you’re on PC, console, or a mix of both, Minecraft Realms ensures that you can play with friends, irrespective of the platform they’re on.


Does Minecraft Realms have a separate cost?

Yes, Minecraft Realms is a subscription-based service and comes with a monthly fee. This ensures a private, ad-free, and always-online world for players to enjoy.

Can I invite non-friends to my Realm?

Yes, as long as you provide them with the specific Realm code, they can join your world.

Are mods supported in Minecraft Realms?

Minecraft Realms does not support mods directly. However, it does support various pre-built content and worlds from the Minecraft Marketplace.

How many players can join a Realm at once?

Depending on the subscription type, a Realm can support up to 10 simultaneous players.

Are my worlds backed up in Minecraft Realms?

Yes, Minecraft Realms automatically backs up worlds at regular intervals, ensuring your creations are safe.