Is Overwatch 2 Cross Platform? [PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, & PlayStation]

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Is Overwatch 2 Cross Platform

Overwatch 2 lets you team up with friends on different devices like Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and PC. This is a great feature for the large and varied live community of Overwatch 2 .

Many gamers enjoy Overwatch 2, from beginners to experts. The game’s cartoon style makes it easy to learn for players of all ages.

After many requests from fans, crossplay was added to Overwatch 2 in June 2022. This guide will help you play with friends on any device.

Does Overwatch 2 support crossplay?

Overwatch 2 didn’t have crossplay at launch, but fans wanted it. Blizzard finally added it in June 2022. To play with friends on other devices, link your console account to and add them.

What does crossplay mean?

Overwatch 2, like Fortnite and Apex Legends, allows you to play with friends on different devices. This is called crossplay. 

So you can team up with your friend on PlayStation 5 even if you play on PC. Just remember to have fun and avoid arguing about which device is better!

How to connect console and accounts

If your accounts aren’t linked yet, here’s what you do:

  • Sign up for or sign in if you have an account.
  • Click your account name in the top right.
  • Choose ‘account settings’ from the menu.
  • Click “connections.”
  • Connect your to your Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or Nintendo account.
  • Start playing games with your friends!

Adding Friends in Overwatch 2

Adding friends in Overwatch 2 is simple:

  • Open Overwatch 2.
  • Access the “Social” menu.
  • Click “ADD FRIEND.”
  • Enter your friend’s tag or email.
  • Send the invitation.
  • Wait for your friend to accept.

How Crossplay Functions in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has crossplay for most game modes, except Competitive.

In Competitive mode, PC and console players play separately for fairness.  If you’re on PC and playing with console friends, you can only team up in non-competitive matches.

Also, PC players cannot team up with console players in any mode if they are using a mouse and keyboard. Console players can turn off aim assist to play against PC players.

Is Overwatch 2 Cross Platform? [PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, & PlayStation]

What Do We Think?

I think Overwatch 2’s introduction of cross-platform play will bring players closer together. It’s a great move by Blizzard to listen to the community’s requests. Now, players on different consoles can team up without any barriers. 

This will make matches more diverse and exciting. Overall, it’s a positive step towards creating a more inclusive and unified Overwatch community.