Is Sea of Thieves Cross Platform?

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Sea of Thieves on PS4 does not support cross-play.
Sea of Thieves on PS5 does not support cross-play.
  • Xbox Series X
  • PC (Steam)
  • Xbox One
  • PC (Steam)
Sea of Thieves on PC does not support cross-play.

Is Sea of Thieves Cross Platform

The availability of crossplay and cross-platform compatibility in Sea of Thieves has transformed the gaming experience, allowing players on Xbox and PC to explore the game together seamlessly. 

This innovation has redefined how gamers interact with this popular title, breaking down barriers between gaming platforms.

By exploring its captivating visual style and immersive gameplay mechanics, we will uncover the reasons behind Sea of Thieves’ widespread popularity among players. 

Additionally, we will examine how frequent updates ensure the game remains engaging and fresh for newcomers and seasoned players.

Furthermore, this article will provide insights into the broader concept of cross-platform play before delving into the specific crossplay features implemented in Sea of Thieves. 

Finally, we will compare Sea of Thieves and similar games like Subnautica, presenting alternative gaming experiences for those seeking similar adventures.

Is Sea of Thieves Crossplay?

PS4PS5Xbox OneSeries XPC
Sea of Thieves on PS4 does not support cross-play.Sea of Thieves on PS5 does not support cross-play.Xbox Series X
Xbox OneSea of Thieves on PC does not support cross-play.
PC (Steam)PC (Steam)

Is cross-play supported in Sea of Thieves? Absolutely. Rarely have the developers behind the game enabled seamless interconnection between Xbox and PC players. This means that you can join forces with friends for thrilling pirate escapades whether you’re on Xbox or PC.

Getting started with cross-play is simple. After completing the brief introductory mission, cross-play functionality is unlocked. There’s no need to navigate intricate settings – the game handles matchmaking across platforms automatically.

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This accessibility significantly enriches the multiplayer aspect of Sea of Thieves, fostering unity among different gaming communities and expanding the player base.

Beyond the standard gameplay modes, special events like the Arena mode provide additional excitement, with teams competing for treasure against the clock – all made possible through cross-play.

Setting Up Cross-Play in Sea of Thieves

To ensure your friends can join your crew regardless of their platform, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the main menu and choose “Adventure.”

2. Select “Galleon” or “Brigantine” based on the number of friends joining.

3. Opt for the “Closed Crew” option.

4. Look for the option to invite others into your crew, regardless of their platform.


Is cross-platform play between Sea of Thieves and PlayStation likely?

No, it’s highly improbable. Microsoft, the creator of Xbox, published Sea of Thieves, but the game isn’t available on PlayStation.

Can I play Sea of Thieves simultaneously on PC and Xbox?

No, you can’t. You can’t be logged into Sea of Thieves on both platforms simultaneously using one account.

Can Steam users join Xbox players in Sea of Thieves?

Certainly. Steam and Xbox players can enjoy crossplay in Sea of Thieves, allowing them to play together seamlessly.